Guild System: One Guild Too Many

This has been a hot topic among friends and I. How do you feel about what has been said about joining guilds in Guild Wars 2?

Ideally, I want guilds to be much harder to create and for loyalty to not punish guild leaders. In GW1, leaders and officers had to pay for invites to the guild. That in my mind ultimately makes the new recruit more valuable than the guild itself. Continuous recruiting adds up in costs. Of course, if you’re one of those guilds who makes others pay (you jerk!) then this doesn’t apply to you. If I could have it my way, no one pays anything. If the recruit leaves, he has to wait a few days before he can join another guild again. If he gets kicked from the guild, then he can immediately join another. The reverse may be preferable depending on how you look at it, but this is not what this topic is about.

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I swung a sword, I swung a sword again, I gained a new skill!

Pardon my obvious Colin reference, but I feel this new skill acquisition needs to be brought into further review even before the Gamescom demos begin.  Allow me to further quote the man with the golden smile.

“We just don’t want players to grind in Guild Wars 2.  Noone enjoys that, noone finds it fun; we want to change the way that people view combat.” – Colin Johanson, GW2 Manifesto

If this is the case, then why does this new skill system exist?

I got mad skills! No, really. I do.

The old system

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A Re-return to Guild Wars

How long have we been together, Guild Wars? 73 months now? Maybe more, if we count the beta weeks (and we are!). It started out great. You took me to a wonderful and beautiful world rich with lore and secrets all while keeping me on my toes around every turn. You kept challenging me, just as I had thought I understood it all, and even after mastering, I kept going on, playing in unnatural and unique ways. Eventually, the shine you once held began to wear and fade, and at times it felt like you were taking advantage of my rose-tinted spectacles. I hate to bring it up again (no I don’t), but do you remember Aura of the Lich? Ah, the fun times I had using that skill on my necromancer who wielded it with an axe and laughed watching waves fell upon his shield only to die seconds later. This was the first major argument we had, Guild Wars, and it sure wasn’t the last.

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A Love Letter to ArenaNet

Dear ArenaNet,

I don’t want to waste your time, as I’m sure you’re busy working on making Guild Wars a better game before the release of Guild Wars 2. But as a veteran to Guild Wars, I feel I need to speak my mind, and hopefully you’ll take solace in the opinions of an older player who has been with you since the days of Beta and beyond.  I feel as I should also give you the short version first, which I’m sure will entice you to read my reasons for this letter. So, here it goes.

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Nerd Rage: Trolling Guild Wars Co-Op

Gonna change it up a bit in light of a hellish 3 weeks at work. Silly post ahead.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a vicious or mean person. However, I can’t resist screwing with idiots in games, especially Guild Wars because you can talk to the opposing team. Sometimes they are just really asking for it.

Now, in GW you can switch sides in co-op, which I do depending on what faction I want. I feel no loyalty to either side and because it’s so easy to choose whichever one you want, I find it hilarious when players take their allegiance seriously.

So here I’m doing some Fort Aspenwood as Kurzick, and we’re winning when someone from the opposing team (Ashes of Nature) starts bitching about how imbalanced the game is in favor of Kurzick.
I try to humor him by asking exactly how (because it’s not true at all) and he goes on a rampage.

I make a sarcastic comment (Guild Wars is Serious Fucking Business) which Ashes thought I was seriously saying. I reply with “Anybody who says that seriously is at tool” in regards to my statement.
Then he jumps down my throat about how full of hatred I am  when, clearly, he was the one flipping a shit.

And apparently I’m an arrogant asshole because I didn’t feel like explaining to him what “Kettle calling the pot black” meant. Something tells me he probably wouldn’t know what “Hypocrite” meant either.

After the game I couldn’t resist egging him on (I’m Drea Velaso in the screens):

So after all that -he- ignored -me- which to this day is a point of hilarity beyond reason.