Drawing Guild Wars #001 : Norn Initiate

Drawing is a bit of a process for me. I have no set style for some reason. I used to do comissions for in-game gold. That worked out pretty well but in the end I realized I could just farm Zkeys and make money way faster.

Anyway, I’ve been back and forth with the drawing bit. It’s hard to get inspired sometimes, since I’m a designer by profession and it sucks the creative juice out of me.
I generally do fanart one of two ways. Style a) I sketch in a light colored pencil, ink over with pens, scan, photoshop out the sketch, and digitally color. 2nd way is sketching and then doing the lines and colors all digitally.

I’ve been working on a teenaged norn drawing for months now. I thought I’d show the progress.

It starts with a basic pencil sketch. Usually goes through a few changes.  I decided she looked a little too much like Jora, so when I went in to add detail I fixed her hair to make her look a little different.

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I’ve had art stuff for a while, but never bothered to post it. so here goes.

First off, my attempt at doing a complete armor set, based on roman/middle eastern/ south asian styles for the most part. I have tons of sketches and a few digitally rendered pieces, so here goes.

First set: ranger/elementalist/monk

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The ranger’s getting a tweak soon enough. Her chest design is going to be changed to look something more like the male ranger I have (posted below) to get out of the canthan-feel, and the grey will be brown to keep with the natrual/leathery motif for rangers.

Monk and Ele staying pretty much. Ele, trying to go with sexy but not skanky. The holes on the side still kinda make it revealing but compared to the

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Male ranger and elementalist. I had a tough time with the ele, in trying to figure out a “male version” design of the female outfit. In the end, it’s totally getting scrapped