Final Beta Event Key Giveaway

Hey ladies and gents of Tyria.

Guild Wars 2 is reaching a big milestone next weekend; the final beta event before release.

It’s hard to believe the game will be live in less than 2 months! It feels like just yesterday they announced the sequel at all.

Speaking of memories; we’ve got a deal for you. ANet has graciously granted us some keys for this last weekend event. To win a key, we ask that fans submit a favorite screenshot from Guild Wars 1 as a way to pay homage to game that spawned this wonderful franchise!

You’ve got til Sunday Night, 8pm eastern (DST) time to get your submissions in. We’ll send keys out during the day Monday.

Use the form below to submit images; please not do not submit links in the comments, they WILL NOT BE COUNTED. 

You can upload your screenshots to any major free photo hosting site like imgur, photobucket, flickr, and imageshack.

Congrats; and GOOD LUCK!

-Contest is closed-

* Key is only good for this one event and not any future stress tests.
* Only one submission per person, please.

The Time Has Come: Execute Error Code 66

'nuff said

For many people, the first open beta event for Guild Wars 2 can best be described by grabbing your nearest thesaurus and looking up the word “awesome.” It was our first look at Lion’s Arch; our first look at armor and weapons associated with all 8 dungeons; our first opportunity to, well, play the game we’ve been drooling over for 2+ years. Long have we loitered fansites and forums speculating about professions and skills and scouring youtube for videos of gameplay footage. This past weekend was the first opportunity for thousands of people to immerse themselves in the game that is the talk of the MMO scene.

But for some, like me, it was not meant to be.

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