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As stated in the site info about page, the goal is to provide real input from fans’ perspectives on the games and the world that encompasses them. Unlike official fansites that pretty strictly have to adhere to certain guidelines, this is a blog. Opinions and criticisms are welcome and encouraged. We feel strongly they are necessary for improvement, so long as they are written and expressed in a constructive, non offensive, and insightful manner.

Quite literally anything Guild Wars related. Here’s the stuff we generally focus on (but obviously anything is game!)
Exploration, Lore, Reviews, Community News, Community Commentary, Builds, PvP, Dungeons, Farming, Titles, Videos, Art, Screenshots, and the like.
As far as presentation: It can be funny or silly. It can be serious, speculation, musings, adventures. Reflections, reactions, Q and A’s, etc. If you’re not sure, just ask! Seriously, anything goes here. The idea is fun. Variety is the spice of life, they say!

All positions are on a volunteer basis. We are ad-free and unsponsored and so we generate absolutely no income. This may change in the future, but we currently have no form of compensation. It’s still a worthwhile venture, however, as we have good standing in the community and big dreams for our future growth as well as a great place to reference for resumés.

We’re a pretty laid-back site. As of right now, we are only asking for one article a month from each writer, but of course more are welcome. We do require all staffers to be relatively active on our google-groups / newsletter. Although nobody is required to have our group e-mail spam them, weekly digests are recommended, or an ability to check in on the group at least once a week for any new news or updates. We have staff check-ins once a month. 2+ months of no activity will result in demotions and possible replacement.


Crafting / Farming Columnist
• Topics on crafting/ farming.

Economy / Trade Columnist
• Articles on the trading post, gem store, and other economics. Can be tips, ideas, guides, critisimz, etc.

PvP Columnist
• Talk about S-PvP and  WvW.

Profession Columnists – Warrior, Guardian, Necromancer
• Guides, tips, tricks, musings, adventures, etc. See Belzan’s elementalist series for an idea of what we’re looking for.

Content Researcher
• Someone who can browse the internet and find great works of art, fiction, or series to showcase on the site for a regular monthly or bi-weekly series.

Contributing Creators & Artists
• We’re currently looking  for a handful of regular contributors for content other than articles. There is nothing specific in mind so this is open to applicants; but we’d love to add video series (lets play, dungeons, cinematics, anything like that), artists, or fanfiction writers to our roster. If you’ve got any ideas in these areas and think you may be a nice fit with our team, feel free to apply.

PR / Digital Marketing
• Desperately  need someone to help keep us updated on twitter, facebook, G+, and the like, as well as talk about moving forward with getting the site out there!