Guild Wars 2 Charr Week

ArenaNet charrged up the hype machine this week with a look into another one of Guild Wars 2’s featured races: the fearsome charr.  As promised in Monday morning’s post, they took a spin through many of the aspects of the charr: their starter area, their voice-work, the visual design behind their race, and some exciting new lore accompanied by images and an epic video of the Black Citadel.

The week kicked off with a post by Devon Carver, a member of the content design team who has contributed to the charr starter map, talking yet again about the benefits of ArenaNet’s iterative process and how their willingness to go back and change things has really strengthened the design of the game.  Very little of what he said about the process of feedback and iteration is new to people following the game’s development, but it still gave readers a nice glimpse of what to look forward to as a charr.

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A walk in Divinity’s Reach, European District

The amazing “Human week” that Anet offered us these past days has spread some light on the most known -yet to be discovered- race of all Tyria; all Guild Wars players are very familiar with humans, some are even bored of playing them and look forward to pass to the “enemy lines” and try some furry fighting. To a humans enthusiast like myself though, the last week represented another reason to like even more this race and learn something new about it: mix that with my european origins and some writing inspiration and you’ll see where we are going here…I’ll do my best to guide you through some places in the human capital of Divinity’s Reach, being them real places in Italy, Europe, or just in my mind.

First stop: Divinity’s Reach

France, Mont Saint Michelle...or should I say Kryta?

Another day gone...will centaurs attack tomorrow as well?

The shape…the colours…this sight is breath-taking, something worth fighting for! It shines in the Krytan planes, spreading hope and warming hearts with courage…there’s never enough courage when it’s down to fighting centaurs

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Drawing Guild Wars #001 : Norn Initiate

Drawing is a bit of a process for me. I have no set style for some reason. I used to do comissions for in-game gold. That worked out pretty well but in the end I realized I could just farm Zkeys and make money way faster.

Anyway, I’ve been back and forth with the drawing bit. It’s hard to get inspired sometimes, since I’m a designer by profession and it sucks the creative juice out of me.
I generally do fanart one of two ways. Style a) I sketch in a light colored pencil, ink over with pens, scan, photoshop out the sketch, and digitally color. 2nd way is sketching and then doing the lines and colors all digitally.

I’ve been working on a teenaged norn drawing for months now. I thought I’d show the progress.

It starts with a basic pencil sketch. Usually goes through a few changes.  I decided she looked a little too much like Jora, so when I went in to add detail I fixed her hair to make her look a little different.

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Exploring Tyria #001

Fireside Chat | Zaishen Menagerie

Guild Wars is just gorgeous. I never get over how amazing the graphics are for a game that’s been out for so long. As an arttard, I’ve always appreciated that aspect of the game.

With my new video card, I’m glad I can enjoy it now with graphics cranked all the way up.

New Videos, Future Videos

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything video-wise, mostly because I am a boring gamer and lame video editor.
I did manage to put together a Canthan New year vid, which is terrible but it was mostly me practicing Vegas 8.

As far as stuff I wanna eventually get done… my dance video, PT2, which is about 2 1/2 years late. And it sucks cause I was shooting to get it out on the 2 year anniversary of PT1, but that never happened.

I also wanna get together some GW pvp footage of PvP action, specifically Spirit Spamming in competitive missions, and beast mastery experimentation.

I’ve got a ton of footage wasting space on my harddrive of sooo much random crap. 55 monking, speed clears, and Zaishen elite ridiculousness in Guild Wars, and random bullshit from WoW.

Too bad I hardly have time to breath anymore.

Lasty, I leave you all with this hilarious IM convo from my friend Ben:

Ben: I was reading your blog, and i found something hilariously ironic.
Izzie: orly?
Izzie: was it a bad spelling error?
Ben: yeah, the way you harp on Varian all the time, makes me think you’re JUST LIKE HIM.
Ben: your posts are riddled with spelling errors
Izzie: uuuuuhhh what?
Ben: no no
Ben: according to you he’s anti-orc because he secretly loves them. i think you’re anti-varian because you have a crush on him.
Izzie: …WTF??
Ben: Don’t deny it! you pick on him like a 12-year-old schoolgirl in love!!!!
Izzie: I hate you forever.