A Love Letter to ArenaNet

Dear ArenaNet,

I don’t want to waste your time, as I’m sure you’re busy working on making Guild Wars a better game before the release of Guild Wars 2. But as a veteran to Guild Wars, I feel I need to speak my mind, and hopefully you’ll take solace in the opinions of an older player who has been with you since the days of Beta and beyond.  I feel as I should also give you the short version first, which I’m sure will entice you to read my reasons for this letter. So, here it goes.

In short, ArenaNet, so long, and thanks for all the fish. Continue reading

It’s dance time!

/dance… Possibly the most used command in Guild Wars, except for /resign (which always bring a very bad mood so we won’t talk about it.)

It’s not a Guild Wars-only feature, but some nights in Kamadan really look like a disco!  For the non-GW players, once you type the /dance command in your chat, your character starts dancing (and each profession and gender has its own moves.)

Since GW2 is improving on nearly every aspect of GW and it looks like devs are not leaving anything to the fates, I wonder what they have in mind about dancing… Continue reading

Geographically impaired – The places to visit in Guild Wars

Tyria is a huge world. Most players haven’t gotten the Cartographer title for all campaigns, so we’ve all got places we haven’t been yet. Especially since I upgraded my video card, revisiting these beautiful or interesting areas is awesome just for looking around, even if there isn’t a quest or loot involved.

Pale Tree

This spot in the Tarnished Coast is spectacular. Glowing plants, pools, crazy critters… this area is almost like Pandora from the Avatar movie.

According to the GW2 lore, deep in the jungle the Pale Tree will give birth to the Sylvari some years down the line. You can visit this tree and its centaur prophet anytime. Not really any quests out here, though there are a few items people farm. Its worth the travel just for fun (and hey it might help with your cartographer title). Continue reading

Acceptance of Grouping

Pick up Groups, otherwise known as PuGs, are one of the banes of Guild Wars. When everyone in your Guild is busy doing something or offline, you have no choice but to join a group in the outpost you’re going to be leaving from. They normally have people who kick you if you don’t have that PvX build that is all the rage. It’s pretty much why I happen to get my heroes and hechies out whenever my guild is busy, and even when my guild is on they happen to solo a lot. I sort of get that, because you might be trying to get it done as fast as possible to max out that title you’re working on. It might also be because they’re trying to adapt to Guild Wars using what they have learned from previous MMORPGs they have played. I myself was playing a lot of F2P MMOs before my 2 friends persuaded me to get Guild War. I learned that the quickest way to raise in level was either to solo, or get a higher level to power level me. But in Guild Wars that isn’t required; in fact you should go for more of a group approach. It makes the game more fun, and you have a much more enjoyable time playing with people you know and get along with. But of course, most of us probably already know this. Continue reading

Dr. Guild Wars: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Making Builds

Since Prophecies was released almost 6 years ago, skill builds have been a huge aspect of the Guild Wars experience.  You’re only allowed 8 skills at a time and one of the skill slots has the option to hold an elite skill.  There are over 1000 non-elite skills and almost 300 elite skills spread out over 10 professions.  Basically, what I’m getting at, is that players should have no problems creating builds that work for them and their party, no matter how silly or trivial they may seem.

But these days, after balances and nerfs and buffs, there are only so many builds a player will run depending on the mission, PvE or PvP.  This is called, The Meta. So, where have all the silly and fun builds run off to and why have people stopped running them?  Because Meta builds are more efficient?  Because, after all the nerfs to non-meta elite skills, it’s not worth the trouble?  Because copy-paste builds from PvX are so much easier to use?  If you answered “Yes!” to any of the three previous questions, then YOU ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE GAME. Let’s explore why. Continue reading

Nerd Rage: Trolling Guild Wars Co-Op

Gonna change it up a bit in light of a hellish 3 weeks at work. Silly post ahead.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a vicious or mean person. However, I can’t resist screwing with idiots in games, especially Guild Wars because you can talk to the opposing team. Sometimes they are just really asking for it.

Now, in GW you can switch sides in co-op, which I do depending on what faction I want. I feel no loyalty to either side and because it’s so easy to choose whichever one you want, I find it hilarious when players take their allegiance seriously.

So here I’m doing some Fort Aspenwood as Kurzick, and we’re winning when someone from the opposing team (Ashes of Nature) starts bitching about how imbalanced the game is in favor of Kurzick.
I try to humor him by asking exactly how (because it’s not true at all) and he goes on a rampage.

I make a sarcastic comment (Guild Wars is Serious Fucking Business) which Ashes thought I was seriously saying. I reply with “Anybody who says that seriously is at tool” in regards to my statement.
Then he jumps down my throat about how full of hatred I am  when, clearly, he was the one flipping a shit.

And apparently I’m an arrogant asshole because I didn’t feel like explaining to him what “Kettle calling the pot black” meant. Something tells me he probably wouldn’t know what “Hypocrite” meant either.

After the game I couldn’t resist egging him on (I’m Drea Velaso in the screens):

So after all that -he- ignored -me- which to this day is a point of hilarity beyond reason.

Achievment Unlocked: Rainbow Chicken…

…and a whole lot of time wasted.
……and a huge reason why I’m bored with Guild Wars again -_-;

I actually got her a while ago but completely forgot to flail about it on here.

Her name? Starbuck. <3
I should make a video of my PvP Beast Mastery Badassery.