Canthan New Year!!

Not a week after the end of Wintersday 2009 Redux, the good folk of Guild Wars have a whole new holiday to celebrate and farm.

I’ll be live streaming some of the events, specially sunday, so keep tuned in for some behind the scenes action over there ——————>

Not so loosely based off of the Chinese New Year, this celebration of the Year of the Tiger (rawwwrrr) is open to all characters with access to the Factions campaign. The weekend is chuck full of fun festivities including AFK title grinding, rollerbeetle racing, Dragon Arena tom-foolery, and item farming to appease the Great Tiger during the finale.

A comprehensive guide to the holiday can be found here.

Furthermore, some random guild will be hosting the Finale in select districts all day Sunday, starting at 12am PST (3am EST, OH JOY.) til 12am the next day, providing a fun and easy way to get your special gifts every time the Tiger comes down to terrorize the innocents. They’ll basically be doing all the hard work.
Like Wintersday, the Tiger will bestow upon us his glory every 3 hours starting at 12.Be sure to reserve your spot in hosted districts early as they’re sure to fill up by the Waited Hour.

GL, HF, Get Drunk!

Wintersday 2009 Collectors Items

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Yes boys and girls, it’s Wintersday in guild wars. What that means is tons of cheer, presents, weird hats, Divine rivalrly, and GOLD, GOLD, GOLD.

This is the best time for farmers / VQ to make use of all those collector items that drop while out doing your thing in the wild digital yonder, driving up the prices of otherwise vendor trash. Special NPC’s appear during the holiday and will trade highly coveted items for some of these common drops.

For a full list of what items are tradable, check out the guildwars wiki page.

EZ Moad Farming:
Decayed Orr Emblems
-55 monks who farm the hot springs should be hoarding these!

-Juvenile Termite Legs
-Copper Shillings
-Silver Bullion Coins
-Sentient Roots
All can be farmed easily by clearing newbie island (Istan) a few times. Simple to solo in normal mode, worth soloing in HM as well.

More hardcore holiday presents can be traded for valued collector items like destroyer cores. Whether or not you wanna do this is up to you. I personally don’t think it’s worth it, but to each his own.

So if you find yourself having some downtime between throwing snowballs and enjoying the decorations, take an hour or two to add some extra income to your pocket.

Happy Holidays~!

April Fools!!

So last year on guild wars, we got a funny April Fools trick where all our characters were turned into stickfigures:

This year, we got the honor of being Chibi Gwen (based off of Gwen-Chan from the Japanese website for the game).
Very cute.

And of course, the internet being the internet…