Achievment Unlocked: Rainbow Chicken…

…and a whole lot of time wasted.
……and a huge reason why I’m bored with Guild Wars again -_-;

I actually got her a while ago but completely forgot to flail about it on here.

Her name? Starbuck. <3
I should make a video of my PvP Beast Mastery Badassery.

Finally have it…

I spent an obnoxious ammount of time today, and the past week, trying to blitzkrieg my way through Nightfall.
But by the gods, I have my fucking armor.

I got her a destroyer sword and iridescent aegis to complement.


Woot! Beat factions!

I lied about screens last post. But, I did take video of some alliance battles I did, which I’ll splice together at some point. It was pretty boring..
I died a lot.

However, I come to celebrate something awesome: after beating the game, I knew I had to splurge SOMEHOW.

Yes. That’s right, folks. 15k canthan! Only buyable when you beat the game and you must have all supplies ready. 60k for 4 pieces (i don’t bother with the head tattoos. Why spend 15k when you don’t have to?), around 13k for supplies, and 1200 for the custom dye job. which I did myself and screwed up a few times, but at least someone bought my *wrong* color from me. Oo, pretty dyes.

I should make a living off of making custom dyes. I know some people do. Sell sets of like. Teal. Pink. Fusia.

Too bad black dye is so expensive, you can get some nice colors off of that!