Mission Statement
The ultimate goal for Talk Tyria is to be a community-driven and centric center for expression. This isn’t another mega-fansite dedicated to bringing cutting edge news as fast as possible. Rather, we aim to be a voice among the fans, somewhat uncensored and critical and provide an outlet where others can do the same without fear of having to maintain a certain level of┬áneutrality that many fansites feel they have to upkeep. Our views aren’t always going to be sound with the readers, and we may not always sing the graces of ArenaNet or the community at large. But what we will do is deliver those concerns and criticism in the most honest and constructive way possible, because there needs to be less QQ and more real thought out there online.

On top of typical news coverage and reactions, speculation, critical thinking, and analyzing are all very much encouraged here to provide a wide array of content for our readers.

We’re an extremely diverse group of writers, all hailing from different backgrounds and creeds. We like to ask the big questions and get down and dirty with the core of what there is to learn about the Guild Wars games, world, developers, and community.

Social Networking and Web 2.0
I also want to take full advantage and dive head-first into this revolution of Web 2.0 and social networking as it pertains to gaming and MMOs. This is something that I feel strongly will have a big influence on Guild Wars 2. ArenaNET is already developing their own apps and web-based services to deliver and unprecedented immersion of gaming experience and connectivity with fellow players.
Already, fans are using twitter to share news at lightning fast speeds, blogging about what they think and feel, and even creating their own apps for GW1 to get the ball rolling.
TalkTyria wants to be at the front-lines of this movement, hands down, and so close ties and cross promoting our friends and peers is of upmost importance.

Glad to be here, welcome home, and enjoy your stay.