A sad farewell – TT going out of style like Comic Sans MS

Hey, everyone.

Given our inactivity over the past half year, it’s probably no surprise I bring the unfortunate news that TT is going to be discontinued for the foreseeable future. 

I’ll save everybody the long-story – ultimately, though, as the manager and founder of TT, I have neglected the site for a while and finally decided I needed to take a good look at the whys and hows and such to that. It’s always the IRL that’s to blame, damn you meat space. But after several real life changes and obligations, I simply do not have the time to dedicate to its upkeep – and that has been awfully obvious.

So much gratitude to dish out

I wanna thank everybody at ArenaNet, and especially the Community Team (Martin, Regina, Stephane, and Rubi) for the unspeakably amazing opportunities offered through what started as a crazy fan-project. From being invited to FanDay, all the exciting events at various PAX’s, the prize donations, and holiday cards. Most importantly for the friendships that I gained from those experiences and hope to continue to maintain. You guys have a top-notch thing going – keep it up.

To all my fellow community project leaders and friends – you’re amazing and mean the world to me. I’m still thrilled to meet and hang out with you guys, as recently as PaxEast 2013!! The team over at GuildMag (Dutch!) who gave me my start (Matt & Clint, my fellow podcasters <3), Peter and the rest of the GW2Live community. My girl E-Beth – so many congrats on your life, woman, and here’s to more awesome in the future. Hunter, one of the first GW2 blogs I ever followed / was inspired by. The ROO crew, for the talks, teachings, and cameos – Ryan for all the life advice you’ve offered. And so much gratitude to Dan/JR for all the wisdom and venting sessions over the years.

Dara, Bryan, Verene, Jeshe, Connor, and everybody I’ve ever met through the community. You guys rock.

And to my writers and contributors – I owe you guys so much and I feel like I kind of let you down with this. But know that I’ve always felt you guys became the heart of the project for your passion to be involved with TalkTyria. I wish I knew what else to say other than thank you, sincerely, for everything.

What about the site itself?

We’ve got a load of content that everybody’s put a ton of heart into and many of our fans have appreciated over the years. I have no intention of taking that off the internet for now – it should still be enjoyed and referenced for those who seek it.

Any contributors or writers who wants to archive their work and use it elsewhere is welcome to it. pop me an e-mail if you have any technical issues with doing that (some users got deleted in a back-end clean up so there may be some issues of missing posts!)

I am exploring some possible options but I’m open to suggestions from anybody out there.

Thanks to everybody for being a part of this fantastic journey.

Isa, aka izari.

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  • Ravious

    Good luck with meatspace! Maybe you’ll get a jolt to itch that writing itch later on.

    • izari

      Ugh, fail on me for forgetting to mention you and KTR.

      You guys are forever awesome as well. Hopefully I will! I’ve still go izziebytes under my belt. @__@ yeeeesh!