The World of Tyria; Meet your Guild Wars 2 Lore Heroes.

As an avid explorer (no, my name’s not Dora, I’m talking Guild Wars 2, here), I find it captivating to walk around Tyria and discover places I recognize from the Lore – ruins from Guild Wars 1, villages rebuilt, cities still standing. I think it’s worth mentioning how far ArenaNet has gone to really make us fanboys and fangirls squee with happiness when we see one single character we used to know in Guild Wars 1 or even some we’ve read about in Ghosts of Ascalon and Edge of Destiny. During the last beta weekend, I managed to get one of those moments for myself to keep and immortalize into a screenshot that is now my desktop background.

Dougal Keane

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Dougal Keane, Ghosts of Ascalon’s main character. I’m not going to explain in depth who he is and what he did, because I’m sure there are people out there who do not want any spoilers, but I will tell you this; he’s a major character in the book and is hired to retrieve the Claw of Khan-Ur from Ascalon City. With one of each race (Riona Grady a human, Gullik Oddsson the norn, Killeen the sylvari, Ember Doomforge the charr and Kranxx the asura), he travels across Tyria to the city of Ascalon, now ran by ghosts ever since the Foefire. I was going around Lion’s Arch with my asura and when I saw his name, I instantly “eeek”ed and immediately told my guildies through a Ventrilo conversation which typically went like this; “OH. MY. GOD. GUYS. EEEEEK!”. Major fangirlism? Check. Needless to say, I took several screenshots, one of which is displayed on the left. Compared to an asura, he is pretty tall! But then again, who isn’t, when compared to the asura.


A second character I came across during the last BWE was Gadd, from Guild Wars 1, an asura elementalist who, during the Eye of the North campaign, is doing experiments in the Bloodstone Caves with a little help from Livia, the necromancer. Gadd was also Vekk’s father. For those of you who don’t know who Vekk is, he’s one of the main asura characters in Eye of the North, whom you also gain as a hero. During your character’s story, you stumble across his lab, and I’m not sure if your character is supposed to see him (because I could not see him while playing, only during the conversation cutscene) but he appears to be wearing a nice pair of pink boxers. And if he doesn’t like carrots, he sure does like them as a pattern on his fabrics. Either that, or he ran out of time to customize his hologram before he passed. Whichever, I was really happy to see him or, well, his hologram form, regardless of the threats he was sending me. “Hello. If you are hearing this message, I’m either not in or dead. In either case, you’re trespassing. Get out. Failure to comply may result in one or more of the following; blindness, crippling injury, severe bleeding, immolation, electrocution, death, and/or loss of appetite. Your agony may vary. Your death may be monitored for quality assurance. Thank you. Now please run for your life and never come back.


During the finale of BWE2, we were aided by Rytlock Brimstone and Eir Stegalkin, both once members of Destiny’s Edge, a famous adventuring guild in Tyria dedicated to stopping the Elder Dragon. We can read about their stories in Edge of Destiny, the second installment of the Guild Wars novels. Although at the time I had not read the book, I still felt a sense of pride when everyone around me exclaimed “Oh Gods, it’s Rytlock! No way! Eir!” and realizing that those heroes were helping us. Heroes whom players had read about before and felt close to whilst reading the books. Now, their characters were fighting next to them. Times like these, when you’re in game fighting an epic battle, it becomes a major “moral boost” and we became empowered, almost feeling invincible as we fought the corrupted next to them and vice versa for when we become corrupted and had to fight them. Needless to say, those were instant death hits, but it could give us a moment to stop and take several screenshots. Heroes, immortalized next to our corrupted corpses.

Logan Thackeray

Of course, I could not forget Logan Thackeray, the commanding officer of the Seraph in Divinity’s Reach and descendent of Gwen and Keiran Thackeray. Most people know him by these titles, and some know him from the novel, Edge of Destiny. When you meet Logan in the game, he’s the same sarcastic but funny yet mature man you get to know in the book. When you play a human character, you will meet Logan at various times. During your personal story, he will often be shown in cutscenes and will fight (well, as much as an NPC can!) right by your side. He is yet another character whom you get to meet in the ‘flesh and bones’ after reading a lot about them. That is, of course, if you’ve read the books and many blog posts from ArenaNet and directly from the Guild Wars 2 website.

Amongst other recognizable names you might find Zojja, Caithe, Queen Jennah, and also organizations like the Durmand Priory, The Vigil and the Order of Whispers.

I know I’m repeating myself here from my past posts, but this is another great reason why Guild Wars 2 is simply THE game to play and stick with. It is yet another detail implemented that keeps the player entertained, keeps him/her with a feeling of ownership. You’re part of the story. These are your heroes. Fight alongside them and be part of the heroes’ stories. It is your story, after all.

Have you encountered characters from Guild Wars 1? Heroes from the books? Where and when? Be sure to tell us!

About the author: Here’s a fun fact; ValerieAnneC , A GW and GW2 lover, met her husband in GW1. They got married and had a son. This son is affectionally nicknamed “Spawn of GuildWars”. The author is also the founder of and you can find her on twitter @ValerieAnneC. She loves cake, and is Type 1 diabetic. Her best friend is insulin.

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