Belenos’ Engineering How To: Item Transmutation

Greetings fellow Tyrians! It has been a little while since I have chimed in on a subject, but I had the opportunity to play around with this particular game mechanic in the recent BWE2, during June 8-10, and came away impressed. The mechanic I am referring to is, of course, item transmutation.


While certainly not a totally new mechanic to the MMORPG world, it is most definitely one of the most intriguing mechanics; both in its innate simplicity, and its ability to give us – the end user, what we REALLY want! What exactly IS item transmutation, you say? Well, let me elucidate-

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In your travels on Tyria, you may loot, or otherwise obtain a weapon that looks amazing… or perhaps armor that makes you look like you have “just that look” for your roleplaying character. By their very nature, MMO items are meant to be outgrown. That same item you found several levels ago might be outclassed by higher level items you find later, and while it pains you to have to ditch the super cool looking item in favor of the one with better statistics, often times we will do this in order to keep up with the higher damage output and hitpoints of the mobs we encounter. Item transmutation allows you to use a special item called a Transmutation Stone (a depletable item), in order to have the best of both worlds! You can have the look of the item you want (which you have outgrown the stats for), combined with the raw power of the better statted item, to make an essentially upgraded item that you can continue to use, and feel good about using!


How is it done, you wonder?

Both items are dragged to the two panes of the transmutation window

In exhibit A above, I have several transmutation stones that I acquired from various sources (mystic chests, personal story rewards, bought on the gem store). To use it you have only to double click the stone, which opens up the panel to the right. Now you will notice that said panel has two windows to it. What you want to do is to drag the item you love the looks of, as well as the item you love the stats for from your inventory into each window, so they are side by side. (Please note that the items have to be the same type of items. You cannot transmute an axe with a sword, for example.) Now comes the fun part… Simply click and slide to the center of the pane what elements you want to keep. In our example above I want the look and bonuses of the cool looking “sniper rifle” on the right, but I want the higher damage output of the “crappy looking” rifle on the left. What I did here was to slide the picture to the center from the right (which makes the other disappear), as well as slide the bonus from the right to the center. I did the same for the damage stats from the left, to the center. What we end up with is exhibit B below.

After dragging what properties you want from left and right to center, this is your proposed item.

Make sure you look over the proposed item, ensuring that you have the look you want, the stats you need, and any accompanying bonuses that apply. When you are happy with the item, simply click the button at the bottom of the pane and voilà! In your inventory will be one brand new item that may have a slightly different name than the original two items it came from, but will be matched to suit your desires.

Now you have the look you want, and the stats you NEED! Happy Hunting!

It’s really that simple folks, and can be used on virtually all articles of armor, clothing, and weapons. No more shall you have to relegate that awesome looking level 10 greatsword to your bank slot, just because you have the ugly level 50 one equivalent, now you can transmute, and fight in style! I hope you enjoy your new item, and I’ll see you on Tyria soon!

To the readers: Did you find any beautiful or ugly weapons or armour over the beta weekend? What were the stand-out items you wish you could take from the beta into release?

About the author: Belenos, or Bel as he prefers, has been into gaming since Pong was in beta, and into MMORPGs since Star Wars Galaxies opened. Now officially “divorced” from SWG, Bel has recently started dating Guild Wars, and hopes the relationship will be long lasting.  When not writing for TalkTyria, or on his personal blog- “Drewciferianisms“, Bel can be found in Elona, spearhunting Fanged Iboga… Or outside in the real world grilling Jerk Chicken.  Follow him on Twitter if you’d like!

Further reading:

  • Distilled

    I found a sweet looking greatsword, but it was pretty early on, so I don’t think the skin will be difficult to find when the game drops.

    • Yeah that is what I found too is that the really neat looking skins were all on gear less than level 10 or so. Like the sniper rifle I got, it was about lvl 10 or 14 ish… and when I looted the lvl 20 rifle, I was actually surprised to see that it looked crappier! But hey… system works as intended!

  • TriggerSad

    I found this sweet looking sword for my norn guardian during the latest beta weekend, it was gllrious and I feel in love with it~!
    I was hoping that it would stay with my norn for the rest of my playthrough, and it has since I haven’t found any that’s better. Still, I was getting to the point where I knew one would drop eventualy, so I was sad that I was going to have to make the switch. Luckly a Mystic Chest dropped from a champion mob, and I got a few transmutation stones from it! They didn’t seem to have a low level restriction from what I could tell, so hopefully I have access to them for when a better sword does drop! 😀

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