Beta Weekend 2 Beta Key Caption Contest!

Submissions are closed!

Stay tuned for our winners!

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  • Ian Carthy

    Good Luck Everyone!

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  • Onecoolnugget

    picture one:

    Oh $&^%, must have been one hell of a drink!

  • Onecoolnugget

    picture two:

    dammit, i told mom we should have gotten the other pet rock…

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  • Christopher Schuh

    Picture 1: So who called heads?
    Picture 2: I knew I should have used the bathroom before I left.

  • Sansidar

    Picture 2:
    Space hates me:(

  • Guest

    When will You pick winners?

    • Striezel

      i guess sunday when the contest ends

  • Striezel

    Pic 1: “I swear… she slipped and fell into my sword”
    Pic 2: “Aww hell no! Not again!”

    • Railgun

      Psh, reading comprehension is the dump stat.

  • Bachbooch

     picture two:
    gooosh !!!!! whats happing here…….. nonsense !!!!!!oh i forgot i am in tyria

  • HexinX

    Name HexinX, Xgameon… trying to win a key for a friend 

  • JackSamNic

    #1 Check the body is dead this time… i don’t want to have to play another ‘game’

  • Paul Stancato

    ShindaShinigami Submission!

  • Josh Tarle

    #1: The body turned out to be the first in a series of mysterious suicides related to the so-called ‘goldsellers’ cult. The bodies were said to spell out a ‘hyper-link’ in an indiscernible otherworldly script. Observers speculated that the cult was attempting to open an inter-dimensional portal to ‘’. 

  • Dani López

    DarkClaw’s submission :)

    GL everybody

  • pepinix


  • Fergus Dnd
  • Sanic
  • Leonic

    Screen 1: Ouch, can’t even imagine the hangover of that guy..

    BETA KEY 😀

  • Vagabond

    Pic 2:
    “Bob the boulder, they should fix it!”

  • Tamás Csató

     I will get up on
     Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7)  !

  • Phamthony

    picture one- someone had a little too much to drink today…

  • Siadina7

    Sent but would like to share with everyone! CSI my foot!

  • Paarmykid

    pic 1

    This is your brain after a BWE

  • Hybridrokker

    Pic 2 : Man, I should stop licking these crabs…..

  • CodedDev
  • Hybridrokker

    Man I should really stop licking these crabs…

  • Anthony Dotchin

    one minute they where talking tyria the next they had passed out with excitement at getting a beta key for guild wars 2

  • Wanakos

    i want to send these 2.

  • Hybridrokker

    No one appreciates the little things…

  • saltn

    picture 1:

    The solution to both the problem of the accumulation of dead bodies, and of pet bears starving to death is solved with a solemn decision

  • MysticLegacy

    He’s fine, let him sleep. Just be careful in case he goes berserk and starts attacking us all!

  • Zagerus

    Oh, don’t stare, you are flattering me.

  • Tóth Dávid

    Pic 2:
    That must be a mesmer’s illusion.

  • Matix0909

    Use the Force

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  • littleale89

      picture 1:

    The solution to both the problem of the accumulation of dead bodies,
    and of pet bears starving to death is solved with a solemn decision

    Like Reply

  • Theshadowdove

    We knew we’d catch you Purple-tights killer!

  • AoPle

    my work … aka. skillpoint 😉

  • eike

    Sorry, english is not my mother tongue >.< so I initially misunderstood the rules :*

  • Sándor Berta

    A bridge too far ( or it doesn’t exist? )

  • Wanakos

    and the winers are??? :S