Exploring Tyria; where no games have gone before.


Submerged Lion’s Arch

Guild Wars 2 has some breathtaking sceneries. From cities to charred fields, even the sewers under Lion’s Arch offer a great view, so much so that you can actually smell those Oozes attacking you. Yuck. But did you know that you can also see what stood in those places, 250 years ago? I’m talking about Guild Wars 1, of course.

Players are familiar with the story, accustomed to places, and it’s those settings that will get Guild Wars 1 players emotional when they see it, and new players wondering what’s behind it. The screenshot above was taken in the waters of Lion’s Arch by an avid player. This is Old LA, folks. Statues of lions now keep company with the fish and underwater residents, old steps leading the crabs to what used to be a bridge, now a forest of colorful algae.

A Guild Wars 1 & 2 enthusiast has gone even further than simply exploring what used to be. On her fan blog, ProjectTyria, she put up a few pictures of the “before and afters” of Tyria. One thing I absolutely love about Guild Wars 2 is the exploring aspect (you would think that’s obvious, being one of the exploration writers!). So when she showed me what she has done with those, I was floored… In a good way, of course!

She allowed me to use her pictures so we could show the rest of Guild Wars 2’s community how hard the people over at ArenaNet worked on the exploration aspect of the game. Not only do you have your flat based world to explore, but the map also displays several layers of terrain to discover. Within those layers, you can find old pieces of what used to be, 250 years ago in Tyria. Tombs with GW1’s character names, Old Ascalon relics, broken parts of architecture that stood centuries ago; the list goes on.

ArenaNet has gone in so much deeper than any game has gone before, it amazes me every day. Each and every single day, I discover something new within the community, from explorers just like me, and it makes me ponder about what Guild Wars 2 has in store for us in the future. All those places already explored, old relics found, and this is only from ONE single Beta weekend and a 7 hour stress test.

It makes you wonder “where else can I find these things?”, and that’s exactly why Guild Wars 2 is such a great game. It makes you an explorer, as well as connects old players with new, and creates a strong bond, deep within the game.

I ask you, dearest readers, which part of Tyria would you like to discover? Which places are you most eager to visit when you step into the game? Make sure to share this with us so that we can show you what we’ve found, too!

Happy exploring!

About the author: Here’s a fun fact; ValerieAnneC , A GW and GW2 lover, met her husband in GW1. They got married and had a son. This son is affectionally nicknamed “Spawn of GuildWars”. The author is also the founder of www.ChroniclesofTyria.com and you can find her on twitter @ValerieAnneC. She loves cake, and is Type 1 diabetic. Her best friend is insulin.

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