TalkTyria recruitment is open!


Thanks a ton for your interest in joining our team. But due to overwhelming response, we’re closing up applications for now.

It’s gonna take us a few days to sift through e-mails, so if you sent in an application, hold tight! We’ll be getting back   to everybody ASAP.

Thanks again; rock on, Tyrians!


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  • Guest

    Will everyone receive either an acceptance or rejection email?  It would be nice to know that at least the application was looked at, even if it wasn’t accepted.

    • izziebot

      Yes, everybody who applied will be getting an e-mail ASAP.

      We just had a LOT of apps to go through and sort accordingly. 

  • Kyproth

    just wondering how many people applied? would like to know my chances

    • izziebot

      ~60+ total, so it’s pretty competitive. 
      This was only our first round of recruitment, though, there will be more positions opening later on and everybody who applied will be contacted first before we open that up to the public. 

  • Alex

    When will the applications come back up?