TalkTyria Guild Wars 2 Video Bonanza!

It doesn’t need to be said that since the first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event, the floodgates, as they say, have been opened. And by opened, I mean busted down with a swelling tidal wave of chatter, media, rants, and raves. But most of all, media. In the lull between events, fans are eagerly devouring everything the ‘net has to offer to ease the pain (I know I am).

Our lovely resident videographer, LoremasterKaae (you may have heard of this fine lass before) was hard at work filming and editing some of her adventures over the weekend.

Thanks to her efforts, we’ve (finally) got some fun videos on our youtube channel. I thought I’d point out a few of my personal favorites for you guys to take a look at, if you haven’t already:

Guild Wars 2 Crafting – Leatherworking
Guild Wars 2 Meta Event – The Frozen Maw
Guild Wars 2 Meta Event – Battle in the Vault
You can check out the rest of these great videos on our youtube channel.

So that said; we’re eagerly awaiting the next weekend event, and we have to ask the fans, what sort of media (video, screenshots, or otherwise) are you interested in? What do you guys feel was lacking as far as user-generated content goes? Leave us some ideas and we’ll try our best to get this content to you guys. 

About the author: Izari’s one of those obsessive fan types who’s been playing Guild Wars since the first beta weekend in 2004. She’s been blogging about video games for almost six years and is thrilled to have fellow fans to write for and with about the game here on TalkTyria. She can be found on twitter and really likes coconuts.

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  • Agerian

    Personally I don’t like seeing too much of the dynamic events but I’d rather experience them for myself first, I’m happy to read about them and learn of their locations but that’s about it. Even then that kind of ruins the discovery.
    Generally I like most gameplay videos of GW2 although I prefer WvW group (where you can hear the team on skype) and profession videos so I can get a better understanding on the classes that I don’t think i’d enjoy much. Commentary I think is a must though, otherwise it’s like being sat behind a friend watching them play.

    • izziebot

      Thanks for the input.
      I think getting people together for some WvW on skype would be a fantastic idea. I’ll see if we can get some of the TT Krewe to join in that madness!

      • I’ll make sure my mic is live as well – though I’m not sure the world is ready to hear my pvp raging/mutterings. haha – Kaae