Everything’s Blown Up to Holy Hell

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Yup, you read that right. I haven’t read the thread on GW2Guru but I’m sure the entire onlinesphere has blown up to holy hell with the release of Guild Wars 2’s pre-order details about 2 hours ago. I’ll leave the hot honeyed mess of a forum thread to sift through later because I can bet my upcoming Collector’s Edition of GW2 that there’re angry, angry people with their pitchforks threatening to stab it into the eyes of the staff members of ArenaNet.

I was having dinner at a 1 Michelin star Chinese restaurant when I saw Elixabeth’s tweet and I practically freaked out at the dining table and shrieked with excitement. I think a lot of people are excited because this is tangible proof that GW2 has reached another milestone and we’re that much closer to getting our hands on a physical copy. Screw the press beta because as long as we didn’t get our hands on it, it didn’t happen. Hah!

So the CE is priced at $149.99 – I’m assuming all prices stated are in USD – and in addition to a nifty elite skill to summon a Mistfire Wolf (holy crap, imagine that!), you’ll get a mini Rytlock; a 10-inch Rytlock figurine to go with the miniature version; a ‘Making of’ book; more art prints and a soundtrack. Digital Deluxe Edition goes for $79.99 while the Standard Edition makes you poorer by only $59.99.

Kudos to ArenaNet though for allowing anyone who purchases any of the three instead of just the CE and/or Digital Deluxe to get the pre-order bonuses: A Hero’s Band, access to *all* beta weekend events and a three-day headstart access.

Oh, and Elixabeth, I call dibs on ‘Legolas’ and any variation of the name, even if it’s xLegolasXx. I love Orlando Bloom and I’ll fight you for it. Haha!

While some are slightly deterred by the CE price of $149.99 either because of the budget or the Rytlock figurine, I’ll gladly shell out that amount for it. After converting to local currency, it’s around $170 to $180 for me but hey, I’ve not bought a CE in my life so I’m willing to burn that hole in my pocket.

To the readers: Are you happy with what’s included in the Collector’s Edition? Or is Rytlock not to your liking? Which edition are you most likely to get? Or will you just get the Standard Edition and get the other items on eBay? Will you shell out 150 bucks for the CE or is it out of your budget? And no, I won’t ask if anyone else wants ‘Legolas’; Tyria ain’t big enough for the two of us.

About the author: A self-proclaimed geek, Damagedself constantly straddles between the two very different worlds of gaming and entertainment. While not slinging fireballs from his sexy female Elementalist, he’s swooning over Darren Criss on Glee. He loves watching television and enjoys the witty dialogues of Grey’s Anatomy. Constantly fantasizes on how the hospitals of Singapore would be more enjoyable if the doctors were as gorgeous as the fake ones on Grey’s.

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About damagedself

Hey guys hey! I'd like to think I have the personality of a quaggan even though my articles might suggest otherwise. Hehe. And the only straight I am is a straight up bitch and a geek. But I hardly unleash my inner little monster (get the Gaga reference?) on people unless severely provoked. Relax, I don't bite. Much. ^^ Currently, I'm playing LoL and DCUO and I spend the rest of my time watching television series and obsessing over pop culture. My absolute favourites are Castle and Grey's Anatomy. That is why I constantly fantasize about how happy I'd be if the hospitals were stocked full of gorgeous doctors. P.S. I love McDreamy. And Darren Criss. Oh, and you're more than welcome to talk TV shows with me!
  • izziebot

    I’m a little meh personally… I just want to understand the precedent for this pricing, really. I feel like a lot of people are surprised we’re surprised. But why?

    Only two games previous have had the $150 dollar price tag for a CE attached, both from 2011 (ToR and Skyrim, unless I’m forgetting something which is possible). 

    Starcraft 2’s pretty decent CE was $100, and it wasn’t too far off to what we’re getting. Likewise with Rift’s CE, which is a closer model (digital and physical editions available) which was $80. 

    What’s different? The figurine and frame, basically. Artbooks, soundtracks, and boxes are all standard. And all stuff that fans really, really want. 

    And then…digital items that… expire. 

    My biggest beef is that the figure undoubtably drove the price up by a lot. And that’s the item that has turned a lot of people off. It’s something that costs almost as much as the standard game itself and is desired by a niche group; it really ought to be an optional buy in their merchandise store and not kind of spoil an otherwise perfect CE for everybody who wants one, and were by and large willing to still spend 100-ish dollars on it anyway. 

    That’s the part that rubs me the wrong way. 

    I get that CE’s are just that. CE’s. They’re luxury items. Hell, the entire game is a luxury item.  And it’s B2P to boot. So why argue? 

    It just doesn’t feel right, at least not to me. Not when we’ve been given great CE’s with comparable value in the past from Guild Wars itself, and other games. 

    Also, a disclaimer; I don’t want anybody to take my views personally. I’m not attacking ANet or any individuals with whom I disagree (in fact I’m sure a lot of those marketing decisions are not even in their hands). I am questioning it, though, because I feel strongly as a true fan it’s my job to do so. 

    I love this company and I love this franchise; anybody who really knows me will know that. But everybody also knows how opinionated I am. I feel being a blind fan who’s gonna just say “Well, ok… ” and not voice my criticism is useless. Maybe it’s because I have nothing directly invested in them, then so be it. 

    But I agree with a lot of people who think it’s not worth it, and I’m questioning whether or not I will buy the CE when for years I was so sure I would. Let’s face it; $150 is very steep, and for a lot of people that extra 50-60 bucks compared to what they were expecting can actually be a huge difference (a phone bill, for instance). 

    It’s disappointing. Not because I feel entitled to a CE that’s customized to me, of course not, but because it just feels not as well thought out out as it could have been. I truly honestly believe the items are not worth the price and a LOT of fans are backing down when they, too, originally were sure they’d get it. 

    I guess we’ll see how the pre-orders go. Lotta people saying “I guess I”ll suck it up and get it anyway, even if I’m not thrilled” when it really should be a lot more “I can’t wait to get this CE in my hands.”

    • I’m assuming part of the reason for the price being jacked up that high is because it’s subscription free and hey, they’ve got to be raking in the dough somewhere else right? It’s just speculation by the way, and I’m not condoning it if it’s right. I’m saying I understand where they’re coming from.

      And yes, ironically the Rytlock statue is arguably what raised the price and yet, it’s the least welcomed item in the CE so far. But being someone who’s never been compelled to get a CE *ever*, I don’t mind blowing that 150 bucks because it’s probably the one and only time I’ll ever get a CE.

      In the past 7 years of my gaming life, I’ve never been this anxious/excited/exhilarated/thrilled for the release of a game. So heck, I’ll starve and buy it; even with the Rytlock figurine. Honestly, I’d rather it be Caithe or even that insufferable Logan but what matters for me is the sentimental value of owning a CE and whatever comes in it for the first time.

      I understand the disappointment from the fans but like I said, I’ve not much experience so I’m not that affected by it. Mind you, with shipping cost and conversion, it’s probably going to cost me more than 200 bucks, but this is just my two cents’ worth.

      To all other fans, if you really feel that it’s not worth it/out of your budget, pick the other editions. What matters most is actually the game, isn’t it?

      • izziebot

        I don’t disagree. As I said on twitter, a lot of value and worth is based on what each individual person. For me who HAS spent extra on a handful of CE or DDE’s, and as someone who thinks figurine collections are catering to a very small demographic, I feel like there should be a little more bang for the buck with the $150 price tag. A full soundtrack, in-game items that don’t expire, and some gems would’ve made the whole thing worth 150. 

        • damagedself

          After further dissecting what the CE offers – I was too caught up in the moment when the news was announced – I completely see where you’re coming from. The items offered are a tad blah. The only item that expires is the Golem Banker; the chalice and tome don’t expire per se since it disappears upon use.

          But yeah, I’d have loved for something a little more showy that I can parade around and go, ‘Hey, I got this through the CE. Awesome right?’

          Then again, I guess this is what you get when you want to ensure that no one is shortchanged in both PvE and PvP just because they weren’t willing to pay 90 bucks more.

          I’m sure that even if they had the glowy hands thingy a la Prophecies (correct me if I’m wrong), there will still be someone bitching about it.

          • Saline

            Well think about what you got in rift. I didn’t even get the fuyll CE; just the digital CE version which was maybe 10 bucks more, and I got a mount, a pet, 2-3 in-game items/upgrades (that honestly didn’t last you beyond level 5) and bonus bag space. And i get those every single time I would ever roll a character.
            That really blows the GW2 one out of the water and easily worth twice what they actually charged. 

            One can argue about the physical items in the full CE as much as he or she wants; whether it’s worth the value is really up to the individuals who choose to buy it.The in-game items are really, really lack luster though and make me question whether I want to get special edition anything, which is really unexpected and disappointing. 

          • Saline

            Yeah i went back and double checked Cataclysm,s CE. 80 dollars and you got a pet, mousepad, full soudtrack, dvd, art book, trading cards, and some bonus starcraft stuff.


            Dat figurine.

          • Sound like a deal to me! I mean if you’re really into the game this bundle couldn’t be better. I meant it’s $150 up front, but let us remember that this game if free-to-play after the initial charge.. WOW players drop the bank on accounts. 😉

          • Saline

            i gotta disagree here.
            being B2P vs having a sub is no excuse to overcharge for lower quality items. especially when it stinks of “oh, here, get used to this cash-shop item only for it to go away so you feel compelled to buy more.”

            Rift is the first release for Trion; a sub-game yes but it was still a first so it’s not like they had any guarantees or a backlog of cash yet it’s CE and DDE’s were scores better.

            SC2 is B2P as well. yes, it’s blizzard, but meh. excuses, excuses.

            in the end i have to agree with some of the above comments, the “bonus” could be better. way better. The digital items… well, they suck. there’s nothing special about it. ultimately you’re paying 20 bucks for a pet and some cash-shop items that are temporary and not unique.

            i expected more.

            but i guess eventually when t hey have an overstock of unwanted CE’s the price might drop XD

          • ArcherAvatar

            I’ve got to agree with the “too caught up in the moment” sentiment…

            On first blush I felt like whatever was included with the CE was fine simply because I’m looking to “support” a company that is making the type of really great design choices that ArenaNet has made with GW2. 

            However, a reply Hunter made to a comment of mine stating essentially that sentiment has really changed my mind on the topic …. somewhat.

            Instead of giving $150 for the CE, I may consider instead spending $80 (or whatever it is) for the Digital Deluxe version and then spending another $70 in the cash shop right away on stuff like extra character slots and inventory space (which is what I wish was included in the CE anyway…)

            That way I still feel good about sending a fair chunk of discretionary funds ArenaNet’s way, but I’m getting something I value a bit more than a 10′ figurine that will likely not be on display in my home.

            I may also just simply get 3 copies of the DD version – keeping two for myself, and gifting one to my lady… and use the “bonus influence” from those to speed us on our way to a guild vault for a private guild for just the two of us, but which would allow access from all of our accounts for ease in transfering items between characters.  An especially convienent option given the fact that being in such a guild would not restrict us from joining others for more social or gameplay oriented reasons.
            (Once the guild vault is taken care of for the private guild, I would rather be sending my “influence support” to a guild that will actually use it for stuff like WvW and that sort of thing.)

    • Distilled

       I’m disappointed that the figurine has pushed the price up to max, and I wholeheartedly agree that without it (and so without the extra expense it whacked on the top) I would be on it as if it were a car bonnet.

      But as I stated in my own post, I’m most disappointed that even with the figurine price-hike, us Euro-bods have to fork out the equivalent of $200 for the thing!

      I’m certainly in the “I guess I”ll suck it up and get it anyway, even if I’m not thrilled” camp.

  • Not a fan of Rytlock being the figure, but the rest of the CE looks good and it already has a spot on my shelf next to the other GW CE’s.

    • Jesse Wan

       Yeah, they should offer the other members of Destiny’s Edge, too.

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