GamesCom 2011 – Day 3

Karasu and MeWulf travel to GamesCom for TalkTyria in an attempt to play GW2, get swag, interrogate the minds behind GW2 and share their experiences with the fans at home.

Today we bring you more gameplay footage from both the PvE and PvP demo.

PvE: Pleasure your ears and eyes, for glory.
Given an early headstart we were able to place our beloved cameraman MeWulf and his camera behind one of the stations. Because of this we’re proud to present a full playsession of the Norn starter area in 1080p direct-audio, this time without the sound distortion:

(Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

In part5@3:44 and onward you can see the start of an interesting event which involves Raven statues that each give you a riddle to answer, written by Ree Soesbee.

PvP: Owning PvP, literally
Originally we were going to capture some PvP footage of the TT team ‘showing how it’s done’ in 5v5. However we sacrificed our playtime for something much better: Lead Game Designer Isaiah Cartwright showing the same newbs what real skills are about. Weapon switching, strategic placement & dodging and how to disable your foes are all included in this possibly slightly unfair setup:

Disclaimer: Audio got borked again. We tried our best but couldn’t get it fixed in time. Be warned!

Notice @4:55 how a defeated dog won’t get downed but runs back towards it’s owner, panting and waiting patiently for a revive. Imagine how the other pets will animate!

Switching a weapon set will only cause a cooldown on the weapon swap ability. This means you are instantly able to use the other weapon’s skills while others are still in effect or continue their cooldown. In the case of an elementalist this is especially useful by buffing yourself with other attunements or casting fast combinations. If you swap a skill (- out of combat), instead of a weapon or attunement you will lose deployed traps or summoned minions from the previous skill. In the current demo this behavior isn’t fully implemented and thus abusable. Note that all the current mechanics still evolve and will change during the current development process.

PvP: Rematch A.R.E.N.A. vs Boon Control
Today the eSports center stage was cleared for two more rounds of high-end PvP. Having voice communication available this time, Boon Control were able to play with more coordination and change strategies on the fly. ANet pulled out a multitude of tactics to counter this but dominated the first match with their aggressive gameplay. The second round involved a great comeback from Boon Control from the first match with increased defensive gameplay. Having their control points gave them a long term lead on score, ending in a close victory from ANet. With a ‘GG’ Boon Control retreated leaving team A.R.E.N.A. to claim victory in this GamesCom 2011 competition.

German community site managed to get their hands on the official ESL footage of the match:

Structured PvP Structure
As you may have noticed the Battle of Kyhlo is a map with odd balance: There are three capture points and five players on each team. This pushes players into using strategies to try and hold two capture points and splitting in 1-4, 1-2-2 or 2-3 teams. The same technique of being able to tip the balance very fast is also used in the WvWvW setup. One other major fact is that there will be no Guild versus Guild formats. More information and reasoning behind this in the Ten Ton Hammer interview with Eric Flannum.

Make sure you check out GuildMag’s PvP coverage for more insight on the depth of the structured player versus player content.

Pictures will be selected and uploaded later, and you can expect a Community and ArenaNet feature for tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed our coverage so far!

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