GamesCom 2011 – Day 2

Karasu and MeWulf travel to GamesCom for TalkTyria in an attempt to play GW2, get swag, interrogate the minds behind GW2 and share their experiences with the fans at home.

As promised we’ve got a PvP oriented update for you today!

GuildWars too PeeVeePee Factomentae

At the PvP booth were ten pc’s set up against each other to get right into the action. One side played the red team the others the blue team. The Battle of Kyhlo is a sizable capture point map which does a great job at displaying the effect of the Z-axis. While you wait for the match to start you can walk around and fight-for-fun or just explore the whole map. =D The goal of the map is to reach 500 points. Points are gained by holding a capture site or by defeating enemies (10 pts). Currently all capture points provide the same amount of points and take the same amount of time to capture. Neutralizing a point is much faster than capturing it.

GuildWars2 PvP has a very deep pool of tactics available. For example if someone is in a downed state you can either leave them there to disable them for a while, or “Finish Them!” to ensure the other team is a player short for until respawn. It is possible to switch skills and equipment during the match, as long as you’re not in combat. This way the whole game can still change and isn’t determined by the initial skill setup. There is no enemy targeting, map pinging (except on the minimap), spectator mode or other UI tools for party communication in the demo.

If you haven’t seen it yet you should check out our PvP gameplay footage (direct audio) from Day 1.

Interview with a legend

The new demo introduces the new skill system and the very first PvP gameplay. Who better to put in front of the camera than Isaiah Cartwright. Questions involve the new skill system, scaling, balancing and what else we should expect from PvP.

Interview with Boon Control

Besides that we were excited to talk to the guys from Boon Control. They’re a friendly, multi-game guild that was challenged by ANet to play the first eSports match of GuildWars2 PvP. With only a few days of preparation and no voice communication during the match they displayed their tactics and skill. For more coverage on the match itself our friends at managed to get their hands on the ESL footage, check it out! After the match we got out and popped some questions:

Many thanks to Katiechops, Alaisy, Mizou, Akemi and Aspira and I wish them the best of luck in the upcoming rematch!

More Pictures and Screenshots will be added to this article later today. Be sure to check back in a few hours. Upcoming we have 1080p direct-audio footage of the Norn Starter area where we met Dungeon Rob and other nightshift-zombie ArenaNet employees in-game. Feel free to add feedback and/or comments in the section below! Make sure to follow @GWKarasu and hashtag #GW2GC on twitter for the latest updates!

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