GamesCom 2011 – Day 1 update

As promised we sacrificed our precious sleep so we could upload yesterday’s video’s as soon as possible for you – not just because the line to play Diablo III would be significantly shorter before the Koelmesse doors open for public.

Here they are: Three video’s of Sylvari Guardian gameplay. Notice the Asuran cuteness halfway the second video and the epic boss battle in the third. More on these vids can be found in our Day1 article.

Disclaimer: Due to a sound issue the volume was capped and might be distorted. This is a problem we should be able to avoid in the future. Our apologies.

Finally we have the PvP gameplay as an Asuran Ranger in the Battle of Hylek. Some ANet staff and crew were mixed in the teams.

Disclaimer: Audio and Video quality is excellent. Prepare yourselves!

Today we will release more in-depth comments on PvP accompanied with an interview with Izaiah Cartwright. Expect more gameplay and random facts. We might not release the next article tonight since compiling and partying is a risky  mix!

And now we’re finally off to the booth (11h50). Thank you buggy DNS server to keep us from publishing anything.. =/

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  • Erion

    It looks as though your PVP gameplay is an Asuran Engineer.

    • I can asuran you it’s a Ranger! We’re going to try and make a pve Norn engineer tomorrow though.

    • That’s correct, I’ll adjust that immediately.

  • ArcherAvatar

    Again… the PVP is NOT a ranger being played… it’s an engineer… otherwise an awesome job by Karasu and MeWulf bringing us into the Gamescom experience since we can’t be there.  Thank-you to both of you.

    •  I’m sorry about that. During the process of editing you don’t always pay attention to the content. Personally I prefer Rangers and most of the time I had a ranged gun, that influenced my earlier incorrect statement.

  • NAaaaa

    Plus, it’s Khylo not Hylek

    •  Whoops! I hope I use the right name in the upcoming interview. It’s easy to confuse names.

  • Sirjameslvn

    Seems like GW2 is really difficult solo.

    • Or I’m just bad at it. Since we get thrown into the high level action right away you get little time to adjust to how the character and skills play. With all the scaling in place and during a normal playtrough I’m sure it will be a lot easier.

      Some of the dynamic events like the battle with Tequati have a minimum suggestion of 30-40 players. It’s possible with less but more challenging. He’d probably use less skills too.

  • Hello guys, I’d like to thank you all for keeping us well-informed about what’s going on around GW2 out there. The more I see vids from GW2, the more I feel like playing them. Thank you.

    • We’re doing our best to gather as much as we can! Everyone is really friendly and love talking about GuildWars2. As for playing.. unless you get your hands on the Demo I get the feeling there’s still plenty of things they want to finish before releasing.