GamesCom 2011 – Day 1

Karasu and MeWulf travel to GamesCom for TalkTyria in an attempt to play GW2, get swag, interrogate the minds behind GW2 and share their experiences with the fans at home.

At this first official day of GamesCom the halls were alive with press. A bit against our expectations for today the lines for famous titles like Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and Diablo III were completely filled – and then some. With a bit of luck these demo’s are still available later today but getting some game time on them starting tomorrow will probably require a sacrifice of several hours waiting in line.

The booth is alive!

At our arrival we immedeately noticed an increase in white GuildWars2-staff shirts at the boot. The guys from were already doing their best to interview at least half of the available ANet staff. New trailers were playing on large monitors and revealed to us what they’ve been trying to hide from us yesterday: Carbine Studio’s new MMO Wildstar.

After we got tired of walking around the hall and chatting up with fans & staff (Though we never managed to find the GuildMag or the Guildwars2Live guys =S) we finally decided to try the demo for ourselves for the very first time.  Playing as a Sylvari Guardian we roamed around the Sparkfly Swamp in an attempt to diminish the Orrian forces.

Disclaimer: Due to a sound issue the volume was capped and might be distorted. This is a problem we should be able to avoid in the future. Our apologies.


Part two of the video will be uploaded early tomorrow. It includes the epic boss battle against a huge amphibious Lieutenant dragon of Zhaitan: Tequatl the Sunless versus the Asura Mega Laser (yes, it’s a-chargin’!) The dragon is a recent addition. Its skeleton is based on the Scatterer but includes new textures and skills: Bone Wall, Poison Breath and Finger Tendrils that knock the players closer. If you succeed in defending the chargin’ lazor it will knock down Tequali, dazing it and making it more vulnerable for attacks. Make sure you get off his back fast enough, because when he recovers he’s meaner than ever!

Update: Here they are!

At 16:30 the English Demo was given by Mike Z. (aka Z-axis) with the assistance of Guardian Asura Ben to show us Sparkfly Swamp and how not to suck during an epic boss battle.


Today we were able to try out PvP for the first time at the cosy ESL booth. Some of the NCSoft crew and ArenaNet members were available to fill up the slots and play against us. We picked an Asuran Ranger to try out the PvP experience. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we’ll write a more detailed article about the PvP experience and we’re planning an interview with guru Izaiah Cartwright. Look out for that tomorrow. Be sure to also check out the beautiful article on with a first overview of PvP or the writeup by Jonathan Sharp on the ArenaNet Blog.


GameStar has released a grand selection of in-game screenshots which you should check out here. Today’s article describing GuildMag’s experience is here. Guildwars2Live has some gameplay vids on their youtube. Lastly you should look out for some interesting interviews from, soonish.

Follow the crew on Twitter to get the latest updates. All requests, feedback and questions are welcome! If you see us at GamesCom don’t hesitate to come and say Hi!

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Raven (aka Karasu) is a physicist and is currently studying for Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Just being a Guild Wars fan is not enough, it's the community and developers that really drive his passion for all things Guild Wars. Besides that he's got hobbies such as Improv, Frisbee, Percussion, PC and gaming. Follow me on @GWKarasu.
  • Cyclopsje

    Love the video but the sound 😮 what happend with that, hope you guys can fix that for next video. But still love it.

    • Little bug.. we did our best to fix the sound before we started but apparently it changed back. We will do our best next time to avoid this problem!

  • Anonymous

    My jealousy burns like the fire of a thousand suns.  I look like a sylvari, that’s how green with envy I am.

    • But.. Sylvari come in many different colors! I didn’t really go into the dye system in this session, partly because there is still a lot of character creation to be added.

  • draxynnic

    Hrrrmn. Lore-related question:

    At 4:35ish, there’s a sabre-toothed… thing… that dies to Wave of Wrath, and there’s a clear lightning effect around its soon-to-be corpse as it dies. Around 6:35, there’s a zombie that likewise dies to Wave of Wrath, but while its death animation looks somewhat like an electrocution, there isn’t a clear sign of the lightning effect around the body (there’s a moment where there’s something that could be a lightning effect, but I’m not sure that’s actually it as opposed to an artifact of the guy being stuck on a Line of Warding). Can you provide any insight on whether it is infact related to Wave of Wrath, or whether it’s related to the target instead?

    • The second one is certainly struck by lightning. I think the zombie did not die from a lightning skill, but was still under the lasting effect of lightning as you can see at the target window at the top.

    • Karasu

      The second one is certainly struck by lightning. I think the zombie did not die from a lightning skill, but was still under the lasting effect of lightning as you can see at the target window at the top.

      • draxynnic

        Is that the one at 6:35 or 4:35? I don’t see anything at the top to indicate that they’re affected by lightning… although I do note that the moa killed around the four minute mark lacks the effect.

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  • ArcherAvatar

    The accompaning comments say the PVP video is of an asuran ranger… it’s not… it’s an engineer… and what is really highlighted in the video for me is how well played the necro on the opposing team was played.

    Overall: Awesome job bringing us videos and screenshots and everything in general from Gamescom.  Well done you two!

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