GamesCom 2011 – Day 0

Karasu and MeWulf travel to GamesCom for TalkTyria in an attempt to play GW2, get swag, interrogate the minds behind GW2 and share their experiences with the fans at home.

Our objectives today were straightforward: Get to Cologne, check in to hostel, check out the GamesCom location, meet ArenaNet members and meet the fans. Even though this list appears simple the outcome was different than expected. Of course we learn from our experiences and everything can only go better from now on *crosses fingers*.


At our arrival in Cologne, forty minutes later than planned because of a random train failure, we were greeted by an impressive Cathedral. More exploration with metro and train shows us how modern and huge this city is. The metro system which crosses the whole city makes it easy to get around the key places and makes it great to play tourist for one day. All around the city you’ll find posters advertising GuildWars2 and their new GC11 demo.


Expecting to find closed doors we immediately headed for the Koelmesse where everything was still under construction. With TalkTyria badges in hand and no clue of direction we walked in the first open door we found just to find ourself standing moments later in front of the ArenaNet booth! Sharing their space with Carbine Studio’s unannounced new game we see twenty-eight alienware pc’s play-ready for GuildWars2 and the new trailer playing in the background. All I can say is it appears a lot of graphics have been improved. Not only does it show the revamped Sylvari but also the Asura Battlegolems have been given a graphical rework. Further parts of the new trailer display at least two beautiful new huge bosses that are probably also featured in the new demo. I could spoil much more but you’d better wait for the official release to enjoy these to the max! =P

With all doors open and security everywhere we walked with camera & badges trough all the halls, viewing the large booths and playstations set up all around the Messe. Aside of the huge booths of the expected releases we were surprised by some smaller booths including Heroes of Newerth, JaGeX’s new Transformers MMO, a Warcraft III-DoTA setup and more. At the other side of Hall 9 we find a small booth with 10 pc’s where ESL will host the 5v5 structured PvP gameplay.

Being Social

Damning our late arrival a bit more we appear to have missed most of the ArenaNet staff today. We only met Matthew Moore (Mercenary Team) for a short moment while he was setting up the last parts of the demo station. As for other GuildWars fans we appear to have missed DeBussy (, who was filming at the entrance, due to a lack of decent wifi. Better luck tomorrow for our first day of GamesCom!

Any comments or requests for coverage or interview questions are welcome in the comments! With a bit of luck we can fulfil all of these over the coming GamesCom days!

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