TalkTyria at GamesCom 2011

Looking forward to hearing about the new demo that will be premiering at the upcoming GamesCom convention? We sure are! Representing TalkTyria this year will be Karasu and Wulf. We’ll arrive early at the party to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

New playable Demo!

We’ve all seen how the human and norn will start their quest throughout Tyria. Now also the seed behind the charr’s story will be revealed at the charr starter area.

Rather see some high numbers? Well, following this week’s sylvari overload you’re finally going to see them in action as a new playable race, as well as the asura. All geared up and ready to battle some Orrian enemies. Expect loads of video footage of them being uploaded here or on our partner sites, more on that below.

Also in the demo and something brand new we’re going to see is 5v5 Player versus Player at the ESL booth. How will the European guild Boon Control stand up versus a well-trained developer team consisting of Izaiah Cartwright, Jon Peters, Jonathan Sharp, John Corpening and Tirzah Bauer? Only one way to find out! These periodic matches should be streamed live by ESL. We’ll try to put up a link as soon as we can.

For the more creative types there will be a much more advanced character appearance customization available. I’ve also picked up a hint that the revamped dye system is in place to give you even more options!


What else can you expect?

Well first of all you should check out the official Event Calendar. Most importantly there will be the reveal of a new secret NCSoft game and a Guild Wars Costume Competition! Sexy Sylvari cosplay anyone?

Of course there will also be other new titles and gizmo’s ready to play at GamesCom. Notable to mention is the first DoTA 2 Championships, where sixteen teams compete for a whooping $1 million USD prize pot.

Fans @ Home

This year the coverage will be bigger than ever. Together with our friends GuildMag, Tasha Darke, HuntersInsight, and Guildwars2Live there will be plenty of HD video, pictures, interviews and blogposts about the experience. We’ll also be live on Twitter (@GWKarasu) to keep you up-to-date.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have interview questions or specific gameplay footage you’re dying to see.

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