Predicting the Next Guild Wars 2 Novel

Since the release of their second novel, “Edge of Destiny,” ArenaNet has been very tightly lipped about what the third, and last, installment of their series will appertain to. Many of us have to wonder at this point on what this final novel’s plot is going to be about, as it could be about anything. Will it have to do with the sylvari first born and what they did when first setting foot upon Tyria? What if it’s about the rising of Orr, which resulted in the flooding of the Tyrian coastline and the sinking of the old Krytan capital of Lion’s Arch? How about a romance novel about two young asuran teens who meet at an academy for more than obviously highly gifted asura? Heck if it is any of those three things, how the novel will go about telling the story of these events is still an important question.

Now, we all know that ArenaNet takes Guild Wars 2’s lore very seriously. They had their very own lore master Jeff Grub assist gaming industry’s great Matt Forbeck in writing the first novel, “Ghosts of Ascalon,” and also had the award winning novelist J. Robert King write the second novel.  It’s quite clear they don’t want any of these novels to be written haphazardly by someone who doesn’t know a thing about fiction. They also want the novels to represent the intellectual property the best way possible. King was even given Grubb’s lore bible while writing “Edge of Destiny,” so it is safe to bet that this last novel will be just as rich with lore and good writing as the first two were. Still, what is this novel going to be about?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. ArenaNet has put it upon themselves to make Tyria a world with rich and diverse cultures that have an extensive history rivaling that of even the real world. To pick just one instance in this vast world is not going to be easy; this could also be why we’ve heard little about the novel in the first place! Still, there are some moments in Tyrian history that are highlighted in many a fan’s mind, and it is more than clear that each and every one of them would love to read about them in great detail!

Now then, these are just a few that seem to be good candidates for the last Guild Wars 2 novel. Of course there are possibly even more than this, and I’d personally love to hear what others think it’ll be about! For now though, here’s the list:

Prediction 1: Any Elder Dragon’s Awakening (That isn’t Zhaitan or Kralkatorrik)

I feel bad for plugging the other dragons into a single group, but the fact is that while they are all horrifying forces of raw destruction, they aren’t necessarily relevant to Guild Wars 2 at this point. Something has to be said about the last two novels that have not been mentioned yet in this article. ArenaNet is releasing these novels as a way for players to understand how the game world is going to work now. They released “Ghosts of Ascalon,” so that we wouldn’t be confused when seeing charr and humans fighting together and not each other. “Edge of Destiny,” was released so that we would get to know the members of Destiny’s Edge, and actually want to reunite them when we play through the main story. The novels have to be about something relevant to what it is we are going to be doing on the game’s release.

Now it could be that Jormag, Primordus, and the Deep Sea Dragon will be in this last installment, but maybe as cameos just as Jormag was a cameo in the second novel. Even then you can’t count on Bubbles as we haven’t heard a single thing about him since the time he was first mention all those years ago. Zhaitan is going to be the final boss in Guild Wars 2, so having him in the books would be rather counterintuitive as we’re going to be talking about him a lot in the game. Lastly, there’s Kralkatorrik, but he was all over the last part of “Edge of Destiny,” having him in the last novel would be a complete waste, as readers would want to see more of a different dragon. Jormag and Primordus are really the only two dragons that could be showcased in the novel. Whether that means we’ll be seeing more of the stone-form dwarves or even kodan is fine, we don’t really have much information on the dwarves anymore and the kodan are just awesome.

Prediction 2: The Rising of Orr/The Destruction and Reconstruction of Lion’s Arch.

Even though we got a good glimpse at the new Lion’s Arch in both books, it is still a viable option. Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars is the first place where players from all the campaigns can go to interact with one another in Prophecies. This still holds true in Guild Wars 2 in a way, Lion’s Arch is the first city where players using different races can interact with each other. Reading about the creation of this neutral zone would greatly assist in the idea that this city is something important to the players. It could also give way to a story about how Orr was like when it was resurrected by Zhaitan. I know I said that a book about Zhaitan would be redundant when he’s the final boss, but he doesn’t need to be shown exactly. Maybe the story could go to Orr, but we see more zombie pirates instead of dragons. Zombie pirates are kind of awesome, so having more of them would be incredible!

Prediction 3: The Birth of the Nightmare Court

Out of all of the five playable races, the sylvari are the ones that should really have more lore about them released, though this is more of a personal opinion. Granted, they are the newest of the playable races, and we still don’t know much about how they act within their own society. A novel depicting the creation of the Nightmare Court would be an admirable way for Arena Net to show us the social anthropology of the sylvari, and it would allow players who still don’t quite understand the race to get a better perspective of them. Sure Killeen in “Ghosts of Ascalon,” was elaborate on the race’s history and physiology, and the interaction between Caithe and Faolain allows for readers to see the contrast between normal sylvari and members of the Nightmare Court. The only problem is that you cannot really get an accurate view of the sylvari as a whole just my seeing the actions of those three characters. Having a book depict the beginnings of the sylvari would very much help grow the race as a whole.

Prediction 4: A Ragtag Group of Adventurers Go Do Something That Will Help Keep Tyria Safe

Simply put: the plot of the first two novels. There’s not much denying it either, if you take away the ghosts, Dragon Champions, treasures, and racial tensions, what you get is a group of individuals sent out to do something that would be beneficial to Tyria as a whole. Of course each race would have to be represented, and the challenge could involve anything from trying to find the whereabouts of the Dwarves, to killing a powerful monster, to escorting important information from one racial capital to the next. Even any of the predictions presented before this could work well with this one as well. It’s really the broadest of the four presented really because all that’s needed is for a multiracial group to do something within Tyria that benefits everyone.

This last novel is going to be something that will set the pace for the game, and will be one that will surely grab the fans’ attention. Still, with a vast and rich world, it could be just about anything that ArenaNet sets its mind on wanting to tell us. What do all of you you think? Are any of these predictions feasible? Do you have anything you might feel will work as the plot of the final novel? Give your thoughts, and remember that an idea is never stupid unless you don’t express it.

Catch you guys later.

About the author: TriggerSad‘s love for video games has lead him to pursue a career in marketing.  He was attracted to Guild Wars through a close relative, and although he was very casual about playing it, he never could love another video game the same. His admiration to Arena Net grew tenfold after discovering how passionate and honest they were with their fans during the development of their second MMO Guild Wars 2. 

Comment Corner: What do you guys think may be in store for the 3rd novel? Who or what would you like to learn about in the story between games? Who do you think / would like to write it? Any other musing about the books? 

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  • Anonymous

    I’m actually hoping for a look at what happens to Elona between the two games.
    Although GuildWars Beyond is supposed to be taking care of bridging the lore, I have doubts the Elona chapter will make it out before GW2. In that aspect, it might work to explain that much in the 3rd novel.

    The rise of another dragon is possible; but I don’t feel like that’s enough to make a whole story unless it’s a more personal piece about how one person or small secluded community deals with it. Same with the Nightmare court. I just feel it’s too specific.

    I also hope it deviates from the rag-tag group with all races represented. That’s getting tired, really. For me at least. 

    I would love to see something more subtle that focuses on the above person or community. Average people, really average, just trying to live with the issues going on and perhaps the evolution of some individual taking up the quest to be a defender instead of just, I dunno, a farmer or something. That would be a great tie-in to the personal story idea that when the world makes a call for heroes, everybody has the capacity to rise to the occasion and become someone great. 

    • Well, I could see something dealing with Elona as it would put in more details on why we can’t go there yet. I mean we’re fighting the reason why we can’t go to Cantha in Guild Wars 2 (even though we’re not fighting for that reason specifically). I just can’t take Joko seriously, which is why I can’t see a book dealing with him being the main villain being written.
      I can’t really picture another dragon rising being the focus either, but it is still a feasible plotpoint for the next novel just as Kralkatorrik was one in “Edge of Destiny.”
      And I agree, I’d hate to see another group of heroes, but it seems to be a thing with ArenaNet. I mean, Guild Wars followed the same story in a way. I would defiantly love to see a regular person be the main character! They almost had it in “Ghosts of Ascalon,” but they had to include the other races, it was the first book. I could see an average joe take up the position if the flooding of Lion’s Arch is the focus of the next book. I mean, anyone can become a hero during a natural disaster.

  • I agree with you on numbers 2 and 3. I would love to see more on the Sylvari, since right now I know the least about them. Lion’s Arch seems like such a cool place to be, so I cannot wait to see how they rebuilt it.

    • Yeah, Lion’s Arch seems like a fun place to read about. I mean, we didn’t see much of it in the first book, and the second book gave off mixed feelings about the place in general. I’d love to see an author go in-depth with the place if it’s in the next novel!
      I think we all know little about them. Well, we know some about them, but not enough to really consider them a playable race (to me at least). I think we might have more lore on the Quaggan than the Sylvari.

  • I’m thinking that half the book will take place in the Maguuma Jungle, with the sylvari and the asura in the leading roles. Then it will pan over to Orr where our heroes/villians? will take on the dragon Zhaitan.

    Yes I want a mad scientist asura with a sylvari henchman (yes male sylvari this time) to take on Zhaitan. Preferably for their own purposes rather than “it benefits our race to help save Tyria”.

    Nice article by the way. 🙂

  • I’d love to see a book on prediction 3! In a way they remind me of the Cetra in Final Fantasy vii with what may be a type of spirituality with the planet and magics. And I currently kinda of imagine the world giving birth to them aware of the dangers in a way – a sort of additional aid to the other races. And with that borg like ability to learn and pass on knowledge, they seem to me to be a pretty powerful kind of race as they ‘age.’ How would they have originally been perceived by the other races when they came into being? Would it have been peaceful at first or would their be suspicions and strife?

    My rambling aside, I think all your possible predictions would be fantastic to read. I’d love to see one of these thoughts be the basic plot in the book! Good article and thanks for writing it!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it -would- be kind of interesting to see a sylvari origins story.. especially that first wave who had no clue wtf was going on. 

  • Nice article! I kinda hope the book goes even further back than some of the suggestions you’ve come up with (it would be in keeping with the trend – EoD is earlier than GoA). Perhaps one focusing upon Ventari and Ronan?

  • Draxynnic

    There WAS a hint dropped a few months back that the third book would have zombies and pirates. If that was a genuine hint rather than a joke, that would appear to be pushing towards option 2.

  • Draxynnic

    There WAS a hint dropped a few months back that the third book would have zombies and pirates. If that was a genuine hint rather than a joke, that would appear to be pushing towards option 2.

  • Posted a bit of a response, suffice it to say that I think zhaitan will play a part, and a couple of other thoughts of mine.

  • Davide