ArenaNet Open House / Guild Wars 2 FanDay Preview!

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The floodgates, as they say, have been opened. Be prepared!

I was extremely thrilled (and extremely lucky) to have been invited to the new ArenaNet office for a community FanDay event being held this Friday, June 24th. Myself and the other 16 or  lucky community reps and fans are in for some crazy surprises, and the ANet crew has been more than generous with their relentless teasing and secrecy. Seriously, we have -no idea- what the devious developers have in store for us (perhaps we like it that way?…Maybe…).

While this is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — the kind that only comes once every 75 years like a comet and drops ectos from the sky– myself and the others are still on a mission.

This is what we were all thinking. And anybody who says otherwise is a liar.

Enjoying the game and quality time with ANet certainly is up there on priorities, but we also want to try and provide the best account of the experience for all the fans out there. They’ve promised that there will be a ton of enjoyment to be had by EVERY one, and I have no doubt they will keep true to that statement.

While we’re not under any NDA, filming of gameplay is not allowed, and the CMs has already stated there will be much that cannot be answered at this time. But if you’ve got any questions or perhaps requests for more detail on something you know already exists, feel free to comment here or head over to one of the many threads and ask.

Again, we make no promises on what we can and cannot find out,  but I assure you all the reps invited to the event have every intention of providing as much as we humanly can for our fellow fans.

What am I personally hoping for game-wise? PvP, hands down, and perhaps a little insight to the guild / alliance system. While a big reveal would be awesome as well, I’m a bit more curious as to the gears that will make the entire system flow. After playing the Guardian at PAX-East, I’m happy for a chance to get my hands on one of the other professions, likely the thief or necro (not engineer? Blasphemy!). I’m also looking forward to being able to possibly do some dynamic events / dungeons with my fellow fans. So many possibilities, so little time!

I’m extremely excited / grateful for this opportunity and I hope to share the experience to the best of my ability. Keep an eye out on twitter list of attendees and Anet CMs provided by Regina, the hashtag #GW2FanDay, and various fansites for updates.

Rock on!

To the readers: So, what would you like to know / see coming out of Fanday Friday? What do you think Anet might have in store for the attendees and the community at large? Who should I challenge to a ping-pong match?

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  • release date

    • Anonymous

      you and everybody else, my friend. 

  • Meanun

    I’d like to know the elite skills of some of the classes. Perhaps a tesla death ray for the engineer? What’s that? OP? Nahh..

    Surely you could get your hands on that?

    • Anonymous

      Probably! Although the Engineer isn’t on my immediate list, I’ll be sure to harass someone playing it for the info if I don’t get to it myself. 🙂

    • That’s so ‘Alien Swarm’

  • Loremasterkaae

    If you are comfy asking, you might ask when they’re considering a beta and how they plan to run it (thinking back to the blog posts on the beta process). Also, you might ask about any release schedules (not just like, a release date for the game – but perhaps an order of information releases).

    I’d be interested in knowing how far along the Sylvari redesign is. And it might be fun to know which environments are favorites of the ArenaNet staff. =D I’ve a billion other questions but I suspect you and the other folks are going to be all over them and most of them will be asked.

    This is an awesome opportunity for all of you and I’m thrilled for you guys! I look forward to any information you guys can get! Have fun and go crazy!!!

  • LogiJ

    I’d like to hear more about the Order of Whispers, the Sylvari update, and how the Mesmer’s going to work. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know:
       -When we’ll get to see the new Sylvari.
       -How guilds work
       -If there will be any APIs for 3rd party developers to hook into (ie. incorporating Guild chat into IM clients, being able to see auctions outsite of the game, etc…think EVE)
       -How PvP, specifically WvWvW and rewards will work
       -More about those minigames that were brought up a while back (Bar brawl, I’m looking at you)
       -How much longer until an Open Beta/Release (fat chance, but worth asking)

  • Alderez

    I’d like to see the new Ranger update; that is, if they’ve implemented it yet. Also: do emotes! We need emote news D:

  • I’ve said it at least 10 times already.  PvP.  You guys are the first public test team for WvWvW and will probably team up with the devs in a 10v10, or 15v15.

    You might see the Mesmer.  Maybe a glimpse at Sylvari, but I’m not entirely hopeful on that.  John Ryan’s been doing some recording with the voice actors, so I’m imagining they are working on Asura, which means Sylvari still isn’t ready.

    I only need one question answered…Will you and Lizzie host the Lizzie and Izzie show one night this week? 😀

    • Loremasterkaae

      I doubt they’ll be testing that pvpz the entire time they’re there though. Plenty of time to probably sneak in questions or see other amazing things that may have been kept hush hush till now!!

  • What about some under water action. I don’t think we have seen any of that yet?

  • I would love to learn more about racial abilities, like the norn’s shapeshift, and how they work in game(ie are they utility skills, can some be learned, what kinds does each race have atm)

    questions on lore would help too, will there be books a la wow or other similar places for us to learn the past stories of the world for those that never played any gw1 or like some of us played years ago and could use a refresher(plus there is all that has been added since i last played, i dove in a few weeks back and was quickly overwhelmed just trying to go over what i had played let alone all the new)

    I know we can jump this time around, but how about mounts? and if there are mounts are there any race minigames? or battle games(golem wars anyone?)

    Does the gameworld support flying? either currently or built that if they would ever want to add it they could without requiring the entire world to be rebuilt like WoW had to.

    collectables? pets vanity  or otherwise. game pieces(like a CCG or chess/stratego game that you find and build your deck/pieces) home instance decorations

    Expanding on that would love to see a game within the game that has rules variants depending on what city/racial area you are in(personally i would vote for a chess/statego type game as the disposition of the pieces and how many of each you can use could depend entirely on the races views ie in charr lands you can’t use ‘magic’ based units or only a few, unless its flame legion lands of course hehe) if they have none planed send them over to me i have a few thoughts from a game i was gonna make back in highschool that could work that i would freely share 🙂

    i know its a lot and thanks if you can find any of it out

    lastly and i know its a longshot but anymore info you could find on the smartphone/tablet apps they were talking about a while back would be great, even if it is just the devs wish list of features

  • Guido

    OK,   Here is my wishlist (in addition to all the other good requests for GW2 info):

    I’d like to know about storage in GW2-  where are we going to put stuff?  Please don’t make me buy additional accounts to mule my main account.   I do not mind buying panes for storage;  or other micro transactions,  i.e. costumes.

    What is going to be the account character limit in GW2?   I’m sure I’ll want to play all the races, and all 8 professions     That’s  40 if one plays all 8 professions and in all 5 races. 

    Lastly,   Guido’s usual question that I asked at PAX Prime 2010, PAX East 2011, and shall be asked again this coming PAX;  very simple, one word:


    ~ Guido

  • Teer

    What a wonderful opportunity for all of you and for those of us who read your posts.

    I’ve two primary questions;

    1)  First, could they explain how they intend to build community and specifically community based around guilds? 

    As background to that question,  I’d suggest that we’ve seen a shift in MMOG’s toward a solo based gaming experience.  In times of yore, Everquest and Everquest 2 required guild based activity in order to progress your character.  We’ve seen quite a remarkable shift away from that in most MMOG’s.   Those activities included not just dungeons, but also world events that required cooperation among guild members and across guilds (I do understand that the WvW PVP will help do some of that…but beyond that).  I believe there is a hunger for such social interaction among players of MMOG’s.  Poke for details, if you get the chance.

    2)  Second, I’m concerned about the amount of content.  Is there enough content at maximum level to keep us playing for years?

    I suspect that it is fairly easy to build quests and a good deal more difficult to build dynamic events.  Thus, I worry that even with “thousands” of dynamic events we’ll lack PvE content after a few months.  I recognize that there will be a higher replay value with dynamic events, but it will still be replayable only a finite number of times.  Could they address that concern? 

    • Anonymous

      For your second question; we asked Colin about this last night; specifically if there was a replayability factor if you have just one main character and no alts. 

      He said there will be plenty of content for a single character; the dungeons will provide a real challenge and so far have around 32 different “wings” and “modes” to try. Since Tyria is so huge, there are tons of quests and areas that can be done and the side-kicking system will keep them relevant and engaging. 
      There’s also the WvWvW and other PvP modes that will be available.
      Each major city has tons of minigames and there are titles and achievements to unlock.

      So there’s something for everyone in end-game depending on what they like to do. 

      • Teer

        Thank you, that sounds quite encouraging. We’ve quite a crew planning to move from various games to GW2.  Our guild is spread over 5 games now and all plan to move on release. 

  • João

    It would be nice to ask what is going to be changed in ranger mechanics and pet AI. Since the profession has already been “released” and arenanet stated that they were not happy with the current state of the ranger.