The Future of Guild Wars 2 From The Future

If you are reading this, then the scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have finally developed the ability to send small packets of information via a telepathic link back in time to any person. Sadly, no DeLorian is involved. It’s all very complicated, but you’ll have to take my word for it, but, I digress, for the information I bear concerns the future of Guild Wars 2!

The year is 2016 and Guild Wars 2 is still going strong for 4 years (Guild Wars 2 is released on April 26 2012) with over 7 million active accounts which is slowly increasing every day. After 3 years, Guild Wars: Utopia was finally released as a GW2 expansion. It allows players with linked Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts to travel through both games as a Chronomancer and it adds a lot of unique “what-if” campaign quests (What if the mursaat were actually pretty cool dudes?). However, over the 4 years, the game has become…different. Different in that it’s now a carbon-copy of Guild Wars. And what I mean by that, is that the Guild Wars 2 has become a mindless routine rather than a game boasting grand explorations and adventures with your comrades.

Remember my letter to ArenaNet? I had hoped that letter would have saved GW2’s soul, but no heed was taken, and now we’re back to square -1.


Achievements have replaced titles and accolades all together, but they are not achievements. They are busy work. Bing! Achievement for killing 1000 rabbits. Bing! Achievement for linking a Guild Wars account. What I’m getting at, is that there are no fun or exciting achievements, and the one or two that actually are there, you can just bring up the achievement window to see how to do it and where it is. The sad part is, most of the players are fine with this busy work and allow ArenaNet to get off free with poor design choices. Yes, there is cartography, but all the “quests” lead you to the whole world anyway, the achievement is there just for kicks. There is no wanting for exploration because the whole map is uncovered just by going through the motions. Bing! Achievement for breathing.


For some reason, there are heroes in this game. Originally, there was no sign of them coming back from the grave of Guild Wars (which was shut down in December 2011) but only a year in and players were complaining about not having heroes or the game being too hard (both, actually). Pressured, ArenaNet reluctantly added in a new bunch of poorly-coded AI partners. The whole system, to this day, is still poorly implemented and has caused a huge Rift between players of the community. Though, everyone agrees heroes should NOT have been added in, though some think ArenaNet made the heroes useless on purpose to show tell people “We told you so!”

Those are the two biggest problems with GW2 currently (in 2016) and there are more to talk about, but I’m running out of time and space to write this message. I could go on about how more skills are added every other month, or how the Guild Wars 2 Test Krewe doesn’t actually do anything except play big updates earlier than the public. I could also talk about the community and how it continues to put up with the silliness ArenaNet comes up with or the fact that the Guardian was turned into a cleric a few months after launch and is now the dominating solo class you see everywhere. By the way, the last two professions are Mesmer and Alchemist. Yeah, it turns out Wartower was right about the alchemist 5 years ago. Who would have guessed?

However, what has been done to Guild Wars 2, I will not easily forget, and chances are, it won’t be changed. Do I hate change? Of course not. Guild Wars 2 and the updates that followed release, however, brought about changes that re-purposed aspects of the game creating something new, and really, a big middle finger to most who have been playing since the beginning. I only prey this rant will give you caution come Guild Wars 2: The Flameseeker Prophecies (The next expansion after Utopia said to take place during the time Glint compiles the Flameseeker Prophecies), because this is Guild Wars 2 no more.

About the author: The laziest gaming-geek you’ll meet (maybe) who spends [too much] time playing games and “geeking out” over how awesome ‘The Guardian Legend’ really is. He also writes at his own blog, and can be found on twitter.

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