Thief in the Night

Thieves, oh how we despise them. Always out to steal some lady’s purse and get away with it. They are harbingers of evil! Or at least some people like to think so. A lot of complaints have been flying around about the upcoming profession’s name. People think the name ‘Thief’ is too demeaning and symbolizes it as doing things that aren’t necessarily for the greater good, unlike what ArenaNet has said about our characters being heroes.

But think about it. How is a name like ‘Necromancer’ any less demeaning than ‘Thief’ is? The act of raising the dead (or at least trying to) is grotesque in our world, and just as despised, if not more, as thievery is. You have to think of it from ArenaNet’s mind. And if I am thinking straight the reason why they chose a name like this is because it describes how the profession acts and plays like. If it plays like a thief, then call it a thief.

Picture of the Thief

The Thief! OMG!

And at the same time, who says that a thief can’t be one fighting on the side of good? Can’t the thief steal things from enemies and use those items for the greater good? Well that certainly seems to be the style of the Guild Wars 2 thief also. They steal items that are on hand of the person or animal that they are fighting and use them to fight back. Just yanked a clump of feathers from a Moa? Use them to blind the very same Moa. Stole a shield from an enemy guardian? Throw it at them like a frisbee.

On the other hand, I have also heard that the name ‘Thief’ is generic and not interesting enough to be a name for a profession in Guild Wars 2. I see that the name is generic as a reason for ArenaNet to name it that. Why? All the other names for the professions are pretty generic. Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer,

Guardian. Tell me that those aren’t generic and pretty common names. I think that they are generic because they don’t want the name to sound too specific, because it may imply upon you that the game-play of the profession is limited and specific to a certain play-style. The names are generic so that they feel like you can flesh out your character so much more within a certain profession, and be even more connected to your character.

Now that I worded my opinion on this matter, let’s see your thoughts on the matter. They may be very different from mine, and I respect that.

Further reading:

  • I like the name Thief – I’m just glad they dropped Assassin! Plus, seeing as he can use bows, I’ll be playing mine as a Robin Hood type character – steal from the rich and give to the poor.

  • The class names of the various professions provide a flavour of the class itself. The name “elementalist” outlines exactly what that character is about – dealing with the elements. The necromancer deals with death, the guardian with guarding (itself and others through attack and defence).

    Thieving is only a small part of what the thief accomplishes as a profession. A similar naming system would see the ranger renamed “zookeeper”, or the warrior renamed “adrenaline junkie”.

    The thief profession is so much more than its unique mechanic. I still haven’t worked out what a better name for them would be though.

  • I don’t mind the name. Actually like how it does leave a more ‘vague’ description as well so that others can easily open interpret as they wish to play their particular character. With that said, I’ve also liked the way LoTR had named their classes.