It’s dance time!

/dance… Possibly the most used command in Guild Wars, except for /resign (which always bring a very bad mood so we won’t talk about it.)

It’s not a Guild Wars-only feature, but some nights in Kamadan really look like a disco!  For the non-GW players, once you type the /dance command in your chat, your character starts dancing (and each profession and gender has its own moves.)

Since GW2 is improving on nearly every aspect of GW and it looks like devs are not leaving anything to the fates, I wonder what they have in mind about dancing…

Since we now have different races it’s logical to suppose that every race will have its own moves; if we then leave a gender-based division, we are looking at  10 different dance style. Bring the 8 professions in, and we are talking a huge 80 styles madness!!!! We could also end up with a mid-range of 30 styles, if Anet decides to implement a division based on race, gender, and armor class(rather than profession).

Here is the wiki page where you can read everything about where Anet took inspiration from to develop the dance styles for each profession in Guild Wars.

Any idea for GW2 then? Yes, I have a few:

The Guardian

Pure Genius...

Let’s look at the guardian’s skills and playstyle: bubble shields, blocking wards: all things that make you think “Stop!” and “Can’t touch this!”… you see where we are going here?  There is even the hammer (of wisdom) so what better dance for a male Guardian than MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This!”   Come on, you have to admit – it just looks perfect!

Other professions/races, ideas about dance

The world-famous hip thrusting

The world-famous hip thrusting of the warrior deserves to see a come back in Gw2 (maybe with fewer Saturday Night Fever moves afterwards?)

I think I can speak for every male elementalist when I say: please Anet, give us a proper dance! Guild Wars elementalists look like badly injured people in a disco and are a constant pain for the eyes! (Female elementalists, on the contrary…)

Sylvari should have some Hawaian moves.  The ocean, the sun, the wind: their dances should be related to the natural world.

Asura, tiny party animals that they are, should dance with hobbit-like moves, little jumps and turns, I’m thinking something close to the Smurfs’ style 🙂

Norn! Yes, I know, ‘Norn have no need for dances’… And yet, I can picture them moving with some energetic country-style dancing moves.  Don’t ask me why but I can totally see a norn dancing to Toby Keith’s or Alan Jackson’s tunes 🙂

Two different commands, one for the race dance and one for the profession dance style would only serve to add extra awesomeness to the /dance feature: if all races could have a unique dance, mono-race sync’ed parties in hometowns are going to be daily business!

Bring the syncronized dancing back! One of the funniest options in Guild Wars dance world was the /dance * command, by which different characters could be syncronized in spectacular coreographies, if you haven’t ever seen one, check this very very old INC Frosty’s video, a fantastic example of dances and syncros.

To the readers: what dance style would you use for every race/profession in Guild Wars 2? Let the shaking begins!

About the author:  Ubi Maior is a student from Italy, long time GW player and fan. He found in TT a place where he can contribute to the community by sharing his ideas and opinions, and he hopes you enjoy his thoughts! He’d love to hear yours. He can also be found on twitter.


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  • I demand the Time Warp for male sylvari mesmers. I wanted the Time warp to be in Nightfall, so it’s gotta be in GW2, right?

    Also, I’m sure the syncro-command will make a return, it has to!

    • Izari

      I could see the Time Warp being pretty epic.

      I personally would love to see the cupid shuffle.

      I can’t think of any other recent dances that haven’t been already used.

      They better be better than Rift’s dances, though, those or HORR-I-BLE

  • I can see a Charr Warrior doing the Macerena.

    • Izari

      Now -that- would make me chuckle.

  • Ubi Maior

    ^_^ Lady mesmers…..Shakira “She wolf” video…just sayin… 😉

  • I always imagined the sylvari doing the Charleston, for some reason. Something from the roaring 20s anyway. If the lithe lady-sylvari don’t scream ‘flapper’ I don’t know what does.

    • Izari

      Omg, that would be awesome. That’s a tough dance, though. I imagine animating it would be ridiculous, but so worth it.

  • Ubi Maior
  • Vodna Lel

    The male Elementalist dance is called the “Little Kicks Dance” from the episode of the same name from the seinfeld series btw and i think a good dance for the asuran males could be the Where the hell is matt dance,

  • Alter

    …Just though. Male Char Warrior (or guardian lol) the Soulja Boy Tell em – Crank that dance. Because. Soldier profession and….sideways bouncing char would make me laugh xD

  • Xviii_bravo

    I think the Charr should do the MONSTER MASH!!!!!