Geographically impaired – The places to visit in Guild Wars

Tyria is a huge world. Most players haven’t gotten the Cartographer title for all campaigns, so we’ve all got places we haven’t been yet. Especially since I upgraded my video card, revisiting these beautiful or interesting areas is awesome just for looking around, even if there isn’t a quest or loot involved.

Pale Tree

This spot in the Tarnished Coast is spectacular. Glowing plants, pools, crazy critters… this area is almost like Pandora from the Avatar movie.

According to the GW2 lore, deep in the jungle the Pale Tree will give birth to the Sylvari some years down the line. You can visit this tree and its centaur prophet anytime. Not really any quests out here, though there are a few items people farm. Its worth the travel just for fun (and hey it might help with your cartographer title).


Deep in Modock caverns of Vabbi (in Elona aka Nightfall) there is a secret and glorious stash of corsair treasure, aka Do Not Touch. Not to be confused with Nightfall’s Buried Treasure, this does give you some cash/items, it is also an awesome place to check out or show to new guildies.
(Izari’s note: There are actually a few of these all around the world! Read up on them. But be careful: The re-spawn time resets if you get too greedy.)

Secret outposts

Epic Loots

There are several outposts that have no quests at all and no storyline leads you there. These are still helpful to cut down on how much you have to run in the future, and give an interesting look into day-to-day life for lore’s sake.
• Fishermen’s Haven
• Grendich Courthouse
• Port Sledge
• Maguuma Stade (what the hell is a Stade anyways?)
• Deldrimor War Camp (ok, so there’s a quest there, but I bet a lot of people don’t know its there)
Written by : Yolaus

Comment grabber: So how about you? What awesome secret places have you discovered? Or, what type of little easter egg type places would you like to see in gw2?

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  • Nicholas

    That cliffside in Panjiang Peninsula, on SJ Island…there’s one quest that takes out that way to kill Naga, but going out there’s always neat. Another one is something similar on the Canthan mainland, in Wajjun Bazaar. When running to the next outpost, if you take a certain turn, you end up climbing one of the few spaces of natural green left in the city, and you’re rewarded with a beautiful view out into the ocean and down into the marketplace. Veeeery neat.

  • In the Jaya Bluffs inside the yeti cave with the portal to Haiju Lagoon you come to an opening in the cave the has you looking over a small fishing village. I found it one day doing so VQs

    • Izari

      Was that the day you were with us? That was gonna be one of the ones I mentioned.

      There’s a few areas in Istan that I found while scraping for explorer that I loved.

      • I have had the joy of grouping with you guys in game

    • draxynnic

      I saw that village myself while vanquishing the Bluffs today. It gets better – if you look down from the cliffsides further west, you can see a path leading from the village to a tunnel opening. Simply a mine, or if we do some hunting, might there turn out to be an underway through the mountains with another entrance elsewhere?

  • Hizashi Aoi

    I always thought Stade meant Stadium, since the outpost has that stage and ampitheatre.
    I personally like the floating rock bridge in Riven Earth and the statue of The Lonely Vigil in Arid sea.

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  • Wow its so hard to choose just a few, because there are a lot of nice spots in Tyria. One of my favorites is the huge Glint statue in the Salt Flats. Another is in Rhea’s Crater, where you can see small pools of (non Jade) water.

    • Izari

      Waoh, seriously? I really need to find that now. That sounds awesome… I think I’ll VQ that.

  • draxynnic

    Fisherman’s Haven does have two quests (skill quests, what’s more!) associated with it, involving the identification of Salma as heir to the throne. These are available for characters from every campaign (although non-core professions get less reward from them) so they’re definitely worth visiting Fisherman’s Haven to do.

    As for secret locations that don’t really have any incentive to visit them apart from sightseeing, but are worth it just for that:

    The temple to Balthazar in the Falls: Nestled in the troll-infested canyons once you’ve passed Dark Oak. Bear left at pretty much every opportunity and you should find it – regardless, if you’ve crossed the tree-root bridge into the section filled with Root Behemoths, you’ve gone too far.

    The temple to Grenth in Lornar’s Pass, just north of Dreadnaught’s Drift. It’s actually possible to enter the Underworld from here, but few bother.

    The Margonite city in the Depths of Madness (head due north from Abaddon’s Gate). There’s a Margonite monk boss here, but there are ample opportunities to cap Spell Breaker before reaching the end of the Nightfall campaign, so few bother to visit this location except for vanquishing.

  • oxylus

    How about the big brother of the Moddock Crevice treasure? It’s the Vabbian princes hoard in the Hidden City of Ahdashim. The first time I saw it my jaw dropped! It’s so big it even shows up on the mission map! –

  • yolaus

    Wow, just as I’d hoped I have a bunch of new places to check out myself, thanks guys!