Seraph : The Second Soldier Profession of Guild Wars 2?

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Warning: Minor spoilers for the two novels ensue.
Disclaimer: This was written literally a few days before the Guardian release. That said, I still think the political implications still hold merit. So have fun with it. 🙂

I think we all figure at this point that the 2nd solider class is a paladin-like buff / defensive profession. And that Logan has become one. Agreed? Agreed.

So many moons ago in my re-hashed Guild Wars 2 profession speculation post, I stated that I thought the Seraph was going to be the 2nd solider class. I reiterated the theory on the forums and was generally met with disagreement. I had just finished reading Ghosts of Ascalon which is how the idea solidified in my mind, although I think I had come to the conclusion earlier when I saw repeated screenshots and artwork of winged armor, a motif that’s been attached to the Seraph. I wasn’t the first one to come up with the idea, certainly, but in both cases most people shrugged it off as improbable.

The biggest argument against the Seraph as a profession is the need for it to be multi-racial. From the lore we know that the Seraph were founded by Queen Salma to defend Divinity’s Reach and the new Krytan order. In Guild Wars 2, they are charged with protecting the endangered human race, the remnants of whom as far as they know mostly live in Kryta (although we as players can assume there are survivors in Cantha and Elona, they don’t know that…yet.)

With these facts, I can see why it feels hard to believe the Seraph would open their doors to non-humans. But if we take hints from Guild Wars Beyond, bits and pieces from the novels, and even some artwork from trailers, we gather enough clues to point to clear progression leading up to a sound possibility of Seraph as the 2nd soldier class. And the kicker here is that the entire possibility centers around none other than our elusive Queen Jennah. So humor me for a few minutes as I explain why this can very much happen.

The past 245 Years…
The human situation was one of those things where the issues at the home front seemed more pressing than the big picture. Which is why, even with dragon champions wreaking havoc all over the world, the humans have kept themselves occupied with charr and centaurs.

Dragon madness aside, the biggest enemy to the humans of Kryta that we know of in the general time of GW2 are the centaur. They are the constant threat knocking on Divinity’s door and the ones the Seraph have their hands tied with for years.

The second biggest enemy to humans in general, at least perceived, are the charr. Although they have had random moments of brief alliances, the rivalry / hostility between the two races has raged on, predominately between Ebonhawke and the Iron Legion.

This is important to note because the alliance between humans and the charr has a much more profound effect than just the two races.

From the Edge of Destiny: Near-Fall of Ebonhawke
The Seraph as a whole hadn’t had much involvement in the Ascalonian charr situation. At least not until the alliance Queen Jennah forged with Ebonhawke (EoD five years prior to GW2). With the upgrade of the Asuran gate, Jennah offered a promise of support from Divinity’s Reach to the warriors at Ebonhawke. For all of ten minutes before the party was rather unceremoniously disrupted, the Seraph -were- officially the enemies of the charr.

But given the events, that didn’t last very long.

Jennah’s momentary connection to Kralkatorrik‎‎ and the Elder Dragon’s siege and near destruction of Ebonhawke changed that outlook almost instantly. Everybody was affected: Charr, Ebon Vanguard, and Seraph alike. In those moments, Jennah realized exactly what they were facing in a way that very few other than perhaps Destiny’s Edge themselves had previously fully understood. As leader of the remaining Krytan humans, Jennah’s priorities took a drastic turn.

After the creation of the Dragonbrand, things between charr and human changed slightly. The harsh rivalry still exists, but the need to focus efforts elsewhere is pressing. Even the multi-racial Vigil was founded by a charr, Almorra Soulkeeper, in hopes to spread the thought that the Dragons are the enemy, not each other.

"Seraph" Armor? Maybe! (As pointed out by Amannelle of Guru, this is actually warrior armor!)(As pointed out by Idarko...they use the same armor! Doh!)

Claw of the Khan-Ur : Forging an Alliance
Flash forward to Ghosts of Ascalon (four years after the attack at Ebonhawke, and one year prior to GW2). Queen Jennah works with Almorra to set up a task: they charge Dougal Keane to fetch the Claw of the Khan-Ur from the haunted remains of Ascalon City. The artifact is extremely important to the charr and represents something very key; an official, political alliance with the humans.
This is even more significant after reading both novels because we can now see a clear progression of events and where they are headed (or at least, what Jennah is trying to achieve).

With a successful retrieval of the Claw at the end of GoA, we can assume that a shaky alliance has been forged. This would explain why we players can be Charr and on the same side as humans, even if there are still some animosities. We still are unsure where Rytlock fits into this, but we know part of our goal is to get him back in our boat. So that leaves us with a whole year to consider.

The Seraph and a Leap of Faith
A lot can happen in a year. If Jennah’s ultimate goal since that fateful day in Ebonhawke was to unite the races politically, we have no reason to believe she failed. She succeeded in doing so with the Asura in EoD thank’s to the efforts of Logan and company. Forging an alliance with the Charr would be the move that proved to the norn Jennah’s potential as a leader, and earning their respect.

How the Slyvari fit into this all is still really up in the air: I can’t pinpoint an exact reason / situation just yet but I feel safe saying that they join the cause willingly (common enemy could be the easiest explanation so far).

Why would Jennah want to open up the Seraph to the public?

Simple: A leap of faith in the other races.

There is no indication on how important a role Jennah is going to play in the overall scheme of things. My prediction, though, is she will be the one to ultimately unite the races. She will be the one to tell us to go and unite Destiny’s Edge so that she can charge Logan and them to lead the battle against the dragons.

The fact, though, is that she has to earn the trust and respect of those races in return. So in order to put faith in them the way they would be putting faith in her, she would open the doors to the Seraph, something very dear to her line and the humans.

So that leaves the Seraph, lead by Logan Thackeray.
I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I think we all know that, assuming things between Jennah and Logan stay solid, if she asked him to allow other races to join the ranks of the Seraph, he would do it.

But it’s much more personal than that. He owes nothing to the races as a whole, nor does he really owe much to the Seraph. But he is ridden with guilt over the incident that cost him Destiny’s Edge and his failure to aid in the defeat of Kralkatorrik. Opening the doors of the previously human-only order is also exactly what Logan needs to redeem himself. Turning the Seraph into soldiers defending all and not just Divinity’s Reach, nor just humans, would be in a way him reaching out to his former allies.

Last but not least…

How exactly would this work in-game?
Quite simple. Jennah and Logan have select members of each race learn the art of the Serpah. These members then become teachers in each of the races’ starting area as part of an agreement to strengthen all the races as a whole.
So there you have it. A somewhat farfetched highly unlikely scenario, but not impossible.

To the Readers: Do you think it’s possible? Did I manage to convince you even a little bit? Or do you completely and utterly disagree? Did I miss anything or get any facts wrong? What sort of skills do you think the Seraph as a profession could have?

Further reading:

  • Borx

    So I’m not the only one that thinks the other soldier class could be Seraph. :3

    • Izari

      Trust me, I felt the same way, haha.

  • There are some spelling errors and incorrect words here.


    I think it’s possible but unlikely. The Seraphs are an organisation, and no other profession is forced to be part of one organisation. Assassins aren’t forced to be Jade Brotherhood, etc. It could make for an interesting and unique story if it were the case.

    • Izari

      Thanks a ton for the spelling. Fixed them all (I need to hire an editor..).

      As far as the Seraph being an organisation..yeah. I see that, it’s one of the other major counter arguments to the theory. I suppose I figure it’d be an evolution of sorts, from Seraph the organisation to seraph the profession.

      It’d make more sense perhaps if the new profession adopted the Seraph-style /art but were named something else to be more encompassing, which is something I considered, too, but didn’t get into for fear of making a wall of text more like a fort. Haha.

  • I think your logic is good, you make a few leaps, but they are not illogical leaps.

  • B2K

    It is possible that Seraph is a class. In the book DE, they all wears the same armors. No other classes mention in the group (Seraph).

  • B2K

    opp DE = EoD

  • Logan

    The second soldier class will not be called “Seraph”. The Seraph are an organization that protects the humans of Kryta.

    Guardian is a much more likely name for the class.

    • bargamer

      I agree. Between numerous mentions of lower-case “guardian” in Edge of Destiny and the capitalized “Guardian” in the Kodan article, it’s much more likely that the Seraph armor is an option for Soldier Professions, so while most Seraph probably are Guardians or Warriors, not all Guardians are a member of the Seraph organization. Probably none of the Kodan Guardians, anyways.

  • Ramei Arashi

    The Seraph is the Krytan military they defend Kryta not all of Tyria and they were named for Dwayna one of the humans deities. Just as the Sunspears didn’t just have paragons in Guild Wars: Nightfall the Seraph presumably has members in every profession.

    • draxynnic

      I agree – the Seraph is a specific military organisation…

      However, while I doubt the NAME will transfer, this history is something I find plausible. While the Sunspears aren’t all paragons, there is a suggestion that the paragon is the profession MOST associated with them, and I expect something similar applies between the second soldier and the Seraph. Furthermore, Rytlock’s surprise at some of Logan’s tricks when they first met each other suggests that it may be uncommon enough that he hasn’t encountered something similar before – neither among the charr nor among the defenders of Ebonhawke. This might mean that second-soldier training was once limited to Seraph and families associated with the Seraph like the Thackerays.

      • Izari

        Agree with both of you.
        The more I see it discussed, the more I think the name won’t be Seraph. However, I do feel strongly they will have a big part in the profession. I think the style of fighting is unique to the Seraph and they will be the ones to open up and teach it to the world, likely under a different name.

  • Nohjo

    Logan was already a ‘seraph’ before joining the organisation, which he did almost at the end of the book. I agree with the rest, something like Guardian would be more likely a name for the profession.

  • Felladin

    I like the thought and I would not be surprised to see non-human Seraph, but if there were to be an organization as a profession I’d sooner believe it to be the Lionguard.
    The Seraph will only have had a few years to envelop new recruits outside human society and definately not enough time to train and build a multinational army.

    As for the different races feelings towards the dragons and the sylvari place in it all, sylvari were the first to really acknowledge the necessity for all races to join. Both books has had the different sylvari characters on numerous occassions express their annoyance over how the other races seem to care about small things when the only thing that matters are defeating the dragons. And Caithe is the only one of Destinys Edge that doesn’t really bother with Logans betrayal, but rather starts collecting all the Kralkatorrik droplets and hopes that the others will cool down so they can go at it again.

  • the thing is Logan had defensive magic and blue aura coming out of his fingertips *before* he was a seraph.

    Here’s my article on guardians.

    I do admit that you have made a good argument for the possibility of seraph of being the title of the profession, and it would make a better title than guardian in my estimation, but, I stand by my post.

  • ziggy charrdust

    when i first looked at this i thought “nah”… but as i read through you’ve got some great points there. I also feel that others are right in saying that Seraph is a particular order for humans.
    What got me thinking though is that one of the other unknown profs uses guns primarily. Maybe the charr have given this technology to all in exchange for the skills of the seraph? Maybe a leap, but it ties in with the rest of your theory reasonably well.

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