Nerd Rage: Trolling Guild Wars Co-Op

Gonna change it up a bit in light of a hellish 3 weeks at work. Silly post ahead.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a vicious or mean person. However, I can’t resist screwing with idiots in games, especially Guild Wars because you can talk to the opposing team. Sometimes they are just really asking for it.

Now, in GW you can switch sides in co-op, which I do depending on what faction I want. I feel no loyalty to either side and because it’s so easy to choose whichever one you want, I find it hilarious when players take their allegiance seriously.

So here I’m doing some Fort Aspenwood as Kurzick, and we’re winning when someone from the opposing team (Ashes of Nature) starts bitching about how imbalanced the game is in favor of Kurzick.
I try to humor him by asking exactly how (because it’s not true at all) and he goes on a rampage.

I make a sarcastic comment (Guild Wars is Serious Fucking Business) which Ashes thought I was seriously saying. I reply with “Anybody who says that seriously is at tool” in regards to my statement.
Then he jumps down my throat about how full of hatred I amĀ  when, clearly, he was the one flipping a shit.

And apparently I’m an arrogant asshole because I didn’t feel like explaining to him what “Kettle calling the pot black” meant. Something tells me he probably wouldn’t know what “Hypocrite” meant either.

After the game I couldn’t resist egging him on (I’m Drea Velaso in the screens):

So after all that -he- ignored -me- which to this day is a point of hilarity beyond reason.

Further reading:

  • Oh snippity snaps, he wasn’t having a very pleasant day at all.

  • BarGamer

    This is one of the reasons why I loathe and despise PVP, and strive to avoid it in any MMO.

  • you started pming him. what a bully! its not fair to pick on people who clearly can’t defend themselves.

  • Jonny10

    That last ‘Ignored’ comment is the most irritating. wanting to have the last word. Been there, ugh.

  • Vodna Lel

    I think i get his side of the argument now he wasnt talking about the unbalancement of luxon versus kurzick he was talking about the unbalancement of a mentally able person versus him.