Guild Wars 2 Profession Speculation: Reprise

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In my first speculation post, I was pretty sure we’d be getting either the new class or the rehashed assassin, but instead we got the Necromancer. I got thrown for a loop regarding it’s location on the profession drawing, too. I can fully admit my folly; that first post is pretty old and I had since admitted (especially after reading GoA) on one of our podcasts that Necromancer would make the most sense to be next. So with new speculation on last four classes for Guild Wars, my final predictions for the rest of the releases will be [Theif/Sin] > Mesmer > Templar/Seraph > Engineer/Alchemist/Gunner.

With the convention release being the Necro, the only sound opportunity for one of the two new professions to step up to the plate has passed. I don’t figure there’d be any reason not to leave them for last at this point. So, I’m going to assume the 2nd to last will be the Blue Mace Lady (Soldier) since we’ve at least -seen- a lot of art of this class. The last profession release will be the 3rd Adventurer class that we know pretty much nothing about (Engineer / Alchemist / Gunner). That leaves us with our 2nd Adventurer (Theif) and our 3rd Scholar (Mesmer), both of which have concept art and screenshots from the game that we can pretty much trust at this point.

There’s been a lot of screenshots of a plated class with the feathered-designed helms. At first everybody assumed it was just a warrior wearing pretty armor, but since then there’s enough reason to believe that these soldiers are in fact the new profession, or the armor is in the style of them.  I have a solid feeling the 2nd heavy armor profession will be the Seraph as mentioned in the book. They are predominately a force in Divinity’s Reach, lead by Logan Thackeray, that defends humans but there’s a possibility they will open their doors to other races in the new book, Edge of Destiny. Replacing monks is likely what these guys are doing, so I assume they are going to be the templar / paladin type profession who are charged with buffing and protecting their comrades. For all it’s newness, we have a pretty solid idea with this profession is likely to be about, it’s just the name that escapes us for sure.

The assassin class we’re getting is actually a little mysterious, more so than the [Seraph]. With our current four professions all being able to dual wield daggers, and the ranger getting a lot of the swift poison / dodgy melee mechanics that were what defined the sin in Guild Wars Classic, it’s really up in the air what exactly the new style is going to be. ArenaNet did say way back in the days of yore that we would see old classes return but rehashed enough to be re-named. I think our sin is going to be that class. There are still some old mechanics that’ve yet to be claimed: namely speed buffs and shadow stepping. Good friend and fellow podcaster Malchior silently fumes at the thought of the return of such a thing but I kind of want it to come back. I enjoyed shadowstepping to allies and enemies and it was a difficult skill to use correctly. However, his very logical alternative idea is that the sin’s upgrade will be stealth, something they didn’t have before. It fits; brand new to Guild Wars, it’d be just enough of a shift to warrant a class name change. There were allusions to this profession in the Ghosts of Ascalon book, as well as possible lock-picking. We’ll find out soon as it’s most likely the next big reveal (guessing mid-September).

Ninja stars suggest wall-climbing, stabby stabby goodness may be coming.

Mesmers are equally difficult to pin down. They already said there aren’t any hexes this time around but there are skill classes that are hex-like in their mechanics. With Necromancer not having many, we can assume whatever it is will be the mesmer’s job. I imagine they will be able to dual wield pistols, too. By imagine, I mean hope with all my nerdish heart. I’m not sure if we’re going to see a return of interruptions, the mechanic that absolutely defined mesmers in PvP. With the lack of a dedicated healing class, a huge chunk of utility for interuptions is lost. That isn’t to say they won’t make a come-back in a dumbed down version (not much unlike Fear), but it definitely won’t be to the degree it is in GW:Classic. I assumed they might be different enough to get a name-change, but mesmers the got a specific mention in the Ghosts of Ascalon book which may allude to them still being around.

So down to our final mysterious adventurer profession. There is precious little on this guy, and not even the armor class is truly known (we assume it’s Adventurer, but if the Mesmer is stepped up a level it could be a Scholar). There’s no art or screenshots that could possibly suggest or give any sort of hints. Guru has one lengthy thread on the topic with speculation and gathering of clues. It seems people are leaning towards a funky utility class like Engineer or Alchemist, both of which have gotten passing mention in one way or another but no confirmation on their implementation in the game.

It’s hard to say. ArenaNET is doing an amazing job keeping this last profession under wraps. We’re hoping to get more clues as opposed to simply being kept in the dark until its official release, but who knows!

Final word: in the event A-Net decides to get crafty, they might release that new soldier class after all, in which I will officially throw in the towel on trying to guess.

Further reading:

  • abys

    I highly doubt that the dual-wield pistol class will be the Mesmer — I suppose it to be the #8 (???) Adventurer class you have marked up in your image, which as far as speculation goes may be some sort of cannoneer/engineer class. While some people recoil at the idea that there being a tech-wielding class, it cannot be denied that there are 2 races that are extremely proficient with machines of war and otherwise.

    • I agree that the #8 profession will likely be predominately the gunner class, but it doesn’t mean mesmers can’t dual wield them, also. As we already know, so far all the professions can dual wield daggers and it’ll likely be the same for our Assassin. It’d be a waste if only one class can do the same for pistols.

      I don’t recoil at the techy class at all. It reflects a natural progression of 250 years, and I think it will add a spectacular flavor to the game. An alchemist would be an interesting choice, as such a profession would kind of teeter between tech and magic, but a full blown cannoneer / engineer wouldn’t be so bad, either!

      • abys

        I personally would assume that the New Assassin will have some pistol/handgun skills, for ranged finishers or sniping abilities, in the more modern sense of the word “assassin”. We’ll just have to see, but I agree with you that the pistol weapons will not just be ‘wasted’ on just one class.

        And yes, mesmers dual-wielding pistols would be neat, but it’s not likely to happen. 🙁

        • Ah, good point. That’d be an interesting twist if the dual-pistol was a strong ranged-option for assassins. And like you said, that’d definitely give them a more modern flare, as well.

          Sniping would undoubtedly be really fun!

          I still have my hopes for the mesmers, probably setting myself up for a major letdown.

  • we may disagree on some minor points, but i agree with the majority of your other points, and have blogged about some of them on my own blog.

    the only major point I balk at is your suggestion that the new monk-like class is called a seraph. I just don’t think it makes sense on a lore level. Why confuse the matter by having a specifically human royal guard with the name seraph, and an all race profession of the same name?

    I suppose its possible, and i’ve been less than lucky as to predicting things with gw2, so I guess I can’t rule it out.

    • Haha, I doubt I’ve been any luckier than you. The only reason I even thought of necro being the forth was because Mal and Sabre gave some seriously strong arguments, otherwise I’d be completely in the dark.

      As far as the Seraph goes; it *is* a far fetched suggestion on my part. I’m not actually as caught-up with lore as I ought to be. I just felt that with Divinity’s Reach being a racial melting pot it might lend itself to the Seraph opening their doors to other races.

      Thinking back on it, though, you’re right: DR is the human capital city, it wouldn’t make sense for that to happen. It’d be more likely in a place like the new Lion’s Arch which is a true melding of races.

      Great catch, haha.

  • Nox

    I agree with most of this, except for a few things as others have already pointed out. Seraphim, mesmer pistols.

    Oh I didn’t know all classes could dual wield daggers.

    I have this spreadsheet that helps me speculate on who gets what weapons. Shows the spread across the professions, how many weapon combos it opens up, and how many weapon skills they provide. I can tell you it’s really, really hard trying to guess for 4 professions.

    I think the new monk soldier will use Wards. It’s a major spell type that hasn’t been mentioned yet. But who knows…. (ArenaNet)

    It is strange that we haven’t seen ANYTHING suggesting it’s the eighth profession. Unless you count turrets. And that they said ritualist players will find a home. Hmm.

    • Nox

      I think I forgot to subscribe to comments … done.

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  • whatever come out. i’m sure it’ll be a great and fun to play.

    in GW1 i played all profession and every profession is very fun to play.

    byt my favourite is the badass Mesmer and i still looking forward to how Mesmer will turn out in GW2. after all the demo videos. i’m not sure if there will be any Interruption mechanic or not. but i still hope for.

  • Marcus


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  • Poojah

    There’s been a mention in a reply Seraph in some way might replace Monks.
    2 reasons why I don’t agree. Anet has wiped the Monks clean and are not looking to replace it. Second the most healing spells in the game are not profession related. It’s been stated in an article or video that the Sylvari will be the race with the most healing spells which makes them the best suited to healing support.

  • wolfman

    i think the mystery class will be a druid or something like that because they mentioned that there would be another pet class but with less pet specialization and that will for sure be one of the adventurers, and i dont see an assassin with a pet

    • draxynnic

      I’d guess the “pet class but with less pet specialisation” is the necromancer – a necromancer can put a strong focus on undead pets if the player chooses, but can also do something else entirely with the skill slots.

      • wolfman

        hmm… you may absolutely be right. Although i feel like they wouldn’t have said pet if they were talking about minions, but it is def possible. I guess in the end we will all just have to suffer until the unveil it 🙂 i dont rly see a gun specialist though because rangers can specialize in using guns if im not mistaken.

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