GW2 Profession Response: Necromancer

Well, we’re halfway through the profession reveals with the Necromancer being officially released this week after its soft release at gamescon last weekend. We did a lot of coverage on what we learned from the con last week on Episode 7 of the Guild Mag Podcast, and we went ahead to discuss the new info on the official release in Episode 8, so give us a listen.

I have to say, although the preview and information seemed kind of short, it’s most certainly been the most unique and exciting profession reveal for me so far.

My favorite character right now in GW: Classic is my necromancer. I generally run Mystic Minion Master as much as possible in PvE and PvP.  I deviate to SS or Discord for PvE, though, and even enjoy a wells / support build every now and then when running PvPvE missions.

Needless to say, the Necro is one of the most versitile and involved professions of Guild Wars, and I’m really excited that they have carried on their overall feel and function into Guild Wars 2. THeir skills are much darker and even creepier than before; even knowing the demo vids are spiced up in post editing, you still really get the feel for macabre awesome that necromancers are all about.

The legacy of the minion master continues, although in a new unique form. Gone are the days of corpse reaping armires, something that would be too difficult in a persistent world where people don’t actually die (any MM who’s suffered from Lack of Bodies syndrome knows how painful this can be!). Instead, we’re getting skills to summon 3 different types of minions. Once summoned, their skill icon turns from a summon to a utility like gaining health or exploding them for AoE damage.

Necromancer threads are pretty badass.

Wells, another unique skill class I loved in GW:C will also be making a comback although only one at a time which is a little sad. Again, with no corpses the Wells will simply be summoned at the caster’s location and remain for a duration depending on that skill and traits, affecting their targets within range. Marks are new and similar to wells, except that they are targeted location and will either activate on their own after a given amount of time or manually by a second click of the skill button.

My favorite new mechanic, without a doubt, is the Death Shroud. Being the masters of death and chaos, Necromancers gain this spirit form instead of going into a downed state (or perhaps in addition to, I’m not 100% sure yet.). While active, they are given a unique set of destructive skills making them especially dangerous when downed.

Without a doubt, I will definitely be choosing Necro as my demo profession and am really excited about reporting in on what that’s gonna be like.

The necro release has been covered all across the internet: Kill Ten Rats scored an interview on the necro with ArenaNet, while PC Gamer, IGN UK, Massively, and MMORPG all excitedly responded to the reveal.

Fellow bloggers and community wigs have been covering the news like mad, as well. Hunter over at Hunter’s Insight goes into some pretty in depth detail on the videos. Nox of Conjure Phantasm’s response was short but hilarious. Belzan responds with some insightful thoughts and comments but isn’t as thrilled with death shrouds as I am!

GuildWars2 Guru is a flutter with responses, concerns, questions, and speculation!

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  • Jason

    I agree with you about the versatility of the necro in GW1. That is primarily why I enjoy playing that profession so much. My favorite professions/classes to play in MMOs are those that allow me the most flexibility.

    I am excited about the necro in GW2, but for different reasons. To me, based on what I’ve seen so far, it is not a 1:1 comparison between original and sequel, and I’m thankful for that. I’ve played the GW1 necro every way I can think of and I’d hate to simply do that all over again in a different environment.

    I think my hangup with the Death Shroud is that I see it as more of a boon from a defensive perspective (e.g., when downed). It is a definite advantage for the necro as a downed state. As a profession mechanic, however, I feel it is a bit unbalanced in the same way that elites with 12 minute recharge times are unbalanced. I’d rather have a slightly less powerful ability for longer duration than an extremely powerful ability for a short duration. In the case of elites like the ele tornado skill, this is pretty obvious (lots of QQ on GW2Guru on the subject).

    I would prefer death shroud last a bit longer than it does from what I’ve seen in the videos. I know it is just a demo, but to me, it feels like it is either underpowered for the duration or too short to be effective. The biggest example is the Shadow Fiend minion, which feels like it does meh damage and is only available for ~10 seconds. You spend most of your time in DS summoning it and waiting for it to get to your target.

    I’m just underwhelmed at the moment is all. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing your critical feedback after PAX though. As a unique mechanic to the necro, Death Shroud is cool, new, appropriate, and effective where it counts (i.e., as a downed state). I like it for those reasons. I just can’t make a case for it to be used in combat at the moment. That’s of course my current stance on it. I’ll probably sing its praises once I get a chance to test drive it.

    • Alright, I see where you’re coming from.

      The only thing is I’m under the impression that Death Shroud is simply a special downed mechanic for the Necro, giving them an edge in that state as opposed to other classes. In that regard, I feel DS is actually quite powerful. It feels like Necros might be able to rally themselves easier if that’s the case.

      If it is just another skill, then I’d see where it’d be underpowered and would leave us wanting.

      I could be wrong, though… can it be activated manually or is it really just a downed state?

      12 minute elites is pretty ridiculous. It makes me feel like boss encounters mean a one-time use elites (I sure as hell don’t want boss fights to last 12 minutes @_@).

      I’ll try to do the Necro as much justice as possible at PAX for ya. 😀

  • Jason

    Death Shroud can be activated any time you have accrued life force. It is available as a state you can enter in combat offensively, as well as automatically when you’re downed. Anet showed a necro demo that has an example of this. I’ll see if I can’t track down the link for you, but I know it is on the GW2Guru Gamescom thread.

  • Marshmellow

    In Guild Wars my favorite character by far was my ranger/necromancer. Having the advantage of a pet and minions and a bow made me into a total badass in game.