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Can’t get enough Guild Wars 2? Neither can I. Lucky for us,  the excitement over the new game has spawned a slew of websites, media, and blogs where fans can cover their own views on information and discuss with each other our hopes, worries, and love of the game. And as the guys over at Relics of Orr state: one of the biggest factors in a thriving game is the strength of it’s community. GW has had one of the greatest and most active communities of any game, and that fanbase continues to grow. That’s why it’s important to keep supporting each other continuously to keep the love alive and spread the word!

There are a few different online sources for gathering links, but I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and put together my own version of a GW2 for anybody who just happens to be looking for quality spots for GW2 info.
If there are any new ones or stuff that I missed, or ones that are down / inactive, let me know in the comments and i’ll keep this updated as much as possible.

Credits: Coehl of Relics of Orr; BigWigKing’s Quest of GW2G Forums, and everyone who posted links on these threads [one] [two].

Community Fanlisting

Relics of Orr Fanlisting
–Coehl over at Relics of Orr put together an awesome fan-listing category on their site. Here you can find a lot of great sites and blogs, and read up on news and their awesome podcast all in one go. Check it out!

Conjure Phantasm Fanlisting
–Nox has a nicely updated fansite listing over on his blog.

Community Websites
–The #1 community for GW2 discussion by far, the GW2G forums boast several hundred active members at any point in time, and thousands of posts and threads covering everything anybody needs to know about GW2: From lore, fan-works, news, and speculation, this is definitely the place to go. Several Community Managers from ArenaNET are also active posters.
–Spearheaded by the talented Nox, Quaggan is an in-development Web2.0 centric fansite/forum. While still in the works, the goal of the site is to mimic what Anet aspires to do with GW2: take an old out-dated system and bring it new life. Quaggan aims to provide a social experience like non-other. Definitely give it a go.
Guild Wars @ IncGamers
–IncGamers is one of the oldest and most established online Guild Wars communities out there. They host blogs, have active forums with discussions across a wide spectrum, and also proudly continue to host active Guild Wars 1 discussions. Anyone who goes to Inc-Gamers for their information or community will not be disappointed.
–GW2PvP is a site and forum dedicated soley to the PvP aspects of Guild Wars 2. The community is a bit slower than others right now, but as more and more information on classes, skills, and mechanics are released, the more revved up the PvP community gets for release. Anet has sated that PvP will be a very important part of their new game: come release time, anybody who’s anybody in the PvP metagame will likely be a part of this community.
Guildwars2 Forums
— GW2F are a new, complimentary outlet for anyone looking for a less hectic community to join and discuss the upcoming game. The site is getting itself ready early, with sub-forums for recruitment, in-game community and trading / crafting. Members are currently speculating what sort of features the game might bring.


Podcast: GuildCast
–Revived after a long hiatus, GuildCast is back and better than ever with exclusive interviews, tons of information, and a healthy dosage of bantering with original host Shawn Schuster and Massively’s own Rubi Bayer. Must listen for any fan of Guild Wars!
Podcast: Relics of Orr
–Relics boasts more than just a podcast, but news, community coverage, and it’s own community as well. Hosts Ryan Singleton, Astara Birchall, & Trevor Covington chime in each week to deliver the news and help nurture a thriving community for the franchise; something they consider a key ingredient to the success of any game (and I couldn’t agree more!)
Podcast: GuildMag Podcast
–Supplementary to the GuildMag online fanzine, the GuildMag Podcast aims to expand on content from the publication and give an outlet for the staff discuss beyond giving the facts. Hosted by Sabre Wolf , Malichor, and some weirdo named Izari, tune in for discussions, speculation, and good ol’fashioned verbal dueling.
Video: Sabre Wolf’s Video Info Series
–Good friend and fellow community member Sabre Wolf has been bringing us a periodical video series from the start of the GW2 info explosion. In each video he summarizes and clarifies all the information that’s been released in that period of time, allowing a quick and easy listen / watch for latest news. Anybody who’s new to GW2, behind on the updates, or simply looking to have their memories refreshed should definitely check his videos out first; you will literally learn everything you need to know.
Video: Guild Wars 2 Movies
–A video-centric site that aims to provide a home for Guild Wars 2 related videos. Like youtube for GuildWars2!
Sream: Guild Wars2 Live
–Head up by Peter Chan, Guild Wars 2 Live is set to provide a channel for constant streaming of actual game-play. Currently have official trailers & videos from Anet, gameplay, and paradies on loop when they aren’t streaming live gaming.
Images: GW2 Screenshots
–This blog, run by Nox, is a great collection of images and screen-grabs from pretty much anything and everything released, all in one, easy to navigate place. If you’re simply looking for some visuals on the new game, go here first!


–A community driven bi-monthly digital magazine, GuildMag aims to offer coverage from all over the world of Tyria: from news, lore, fan art and fiction, interviews, in-game events, and more, GuildMag offers a large source of content as anyone would expect from any magazine. With two issues under their belt and plenty more to come, definitely give GM a go!
Guild Wars Magazine

–Amazingly put together by a single person, Guild Wars is an interactively readable online publication leaning more towards the creative than the factual. Heavy on lore and fiction, the layout is gorgeous and the articles in-depth and interesting to read. Worth a go for anybody who enjoys a whimsical journey.

Blogs & Sites

Further reading:

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  • hey thanks for the link. appreciate it. glad to see more gw2 sites getting attention.

    one small note, iloveguildwars and conjurephantasm are the same blog, just with a changed name.

    I always wished there was this many blogs back when gw was still producing campaigns.

    • hey, np. Agreed, there are a ton more blogs / sites going up lately, which is pretty exciting to see. Glad to find as many fellows that are as gung-ho about GW as I am, haha.

      And thanks for the heads up. fixed!

  • Nox

    Thanks for linking to GW2 Screenshots 😀 The game is looking more stunning with every media release!

    • Hey! No problemo, thanks for taking the time to put that blog together! And you’re right, it just gets me revved up every time. @_@

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