Guild Mag: Unofficial Fan Magazine for the Guild Wars World

Some exciting news here!

In preparation for the release of Guild Wars 2, GuildwarsGuru community regular Dutch Sunshine put together the groundwork for a monthly free online publication entitled Guild Mag.

Badass in PDF form.

This unofficial fan-run project is a hefty 30 page digital magazine that has articles, screenshots, art, humor, and even en exclusive interview with an Arenanet rep Ree Soesbee! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, the content is great, and the design is even better.

Made to be read online, the layout is interactive and enhanced, allowing you to click through the pages much like a site, link to their off-page sources, and even listen to embedded music.

After a rocky start, the first issue came out this past friday, May 7th, and is available for download from the official GuildMag website.

Any Guild Wars vets and/or those out there with an interest with the much anticipated sequel needs to check out this publication. It’s just getting started, and I have a funny feeling it’s only going to grow and get better as more information regarding GW2 comes out and when the game is finally released.

Last but not least, everybody’s favorite Izziebot is going to be a contributing writer starting in June. Anybody who’s known me even for a little bit is probably shaking their heads but at least understand how ridiculously exciting this is for me.

So fans of Guild Wars, mosey on down to, download the first issue, join the forums, follow them on twitter, and most importantly, SUBSCRIBE!
Yes, I am giving you 100% permission to stalk them!!

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