PAX East: The Journey Begins

5:19 PM
On the bus with Kaae, Lizzie, and Gina. Somewhere in Connecticut, I think.
Bolt Bus is filled with PAX people, pretty hilarious.

1:24 PM
Getting ready to leave work. Meeting up with the roomies at Penn station for some foods, exploration, and boarding.
It’ll be twitter from then ’til we get to Boston. Oh joy, 5 hour bus ride out of Manhattan -_-;

10:33 AM

I’m sitting here at work, watching the clock count down the hours. My roomies are at home probably still sleeping.
Lugging my suitcase across Manhattan was less than stellar but at least I got some cardio out of it (lol?).
Can’t get twitter to validate my phone. This is displeasing.
Free munchins in the kitchen…

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