Guild Wars 2!!!

This past weekend saw some major announcements in the gaming community, what with Gamecom and Blizzcon going on. So much to babble about, so I’ll start with Guild Wars.

I noticed a lot of hustle and bustle around the Guild Wars 2 facebook page over earlier parts of the week, mostly concept art. Low and behold, Friday the folks over at ArenaNet graced us with the first official Guild Wars 2 trailer.

Needless to say, I had a moment.

The trailer itself is a gorgeous mix of animated concept art that transitions into actual gameplay footage. Arenanet has done a great job of keeping this project under wraps. The whole Guild Wars community was pleasantly surprised to find that the game has indeed been under development over the past 2 years since its initial announcement, and much further along than we expected.

We see the first view of the Sylvari as a playable race in what looks like Mesmer, Dervish, and Elementalist garb . The Asura look amazing with the updated models and graphics, too. A lot less evil bunny! The Humans, Norn, and Charr so far all look great as well. It’s hard to really say much, though, at this point. Lots of eye candy, though, and true to the original game, we have breathtaking landscapes that add to the beauty of the Guild Wars world.

No beta has been announced yet, as the developers want to dazzle players when they take their first steps through the new world. There has been a rumored Q4 2010 release has been circulating around the net, though, so we may see beta coming spring 2010.

I’ll be sacrificing goats to the gods of Beta in hopes for a chance to test run the game.

With this new surge of eye candy and information, the Guild Wars community has also seen a surge in activity. There are tons of places to go to share in the glory of all this media, so have a look at it.
Official site with the trailer, available for download or stream. Links to the site’s facebook, twitter,
GuildWars Guru has always managed to be a center for community and a link between the Arenanet Team and Players. Without fail they’ve launched a GW2 version of their site, and Arena reps have also registered to be a part of the community. I imagine Guru will edge it’s way as the #1 unofficial center for the new game.

Definitely join and jump in on the discussions!
Check out the trailer, too:

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